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Photos: Duffy and Friends Merchandise from Aulani at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

February 7, 2022

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort gots more of ME! Well... that's not totally true.

But they did get more Duffy and Friends Merchandise from Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa located on the Island of Oahu.

I totally love, love, love the phone case. Only, the article said that the phone case didn't tell you what size phone it fits. My sharp little eyes noticed that the phone's direction of the hole for the camera is different than my iPhone. Otherwise I'd be going crazy to get to BouTiki at the Poly. I still have the iPhone 8 ( great - just got a new battery).

Annnnnybear - this article covered the new stuff that just got here. Check out this article from November 5, 2020 for some other stuff that still might be in the shop from Aulani.

I'd dash over to 'the Poly' right now, but it's raining and it would take too long to get there on my scooter.... and mommy isn't going anywhere in these subzero Florida temperatures! (It's 55 degrees out today... Burrrrr!)

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PHOTOS: Duffy and Friends Aulani Merchandise Makes a Splash at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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