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I Caught a Leprechaun!

Yeppers Peppers! …… I caught myself a Leprechaun!

…….He was after my pepperoni pizza!

Duffy the Disney Bear captures a Leprechaun

” Stop Thief!…..That’s MY pepperoni pizza!”


I was like….

“Oh, no you don’t Little Leprechaun!…..

Mommy bought that pepperoni pizza for me and Little Joe!!!”

I scooped up the Little Leprechaun in my arms and carried him out of the freezer.

Duffy the Disney Bear holds on tightly to the Leprechaun

“You’re coming with me Little Leprechaun.”


I brought the guilty Little Leprechaun thief into the living room to face me & Little Joe and give him a chance to explain why he was after our pepperoni pizza!

……and on Saint Patrick’s Day no less!

All the way into the living room I mumbled and grumbled…. “Who does he think he is trying to pinch our pepperoni pizza!”

I was so dufferflumped!

I put the Little Leprechaun down across from me & Little Joe and began the interrogation…

Duffy the Disney Bear starts the interrogation on Saint Patrick's Day

“Don’t take your eyes off the pilfering pepperoni pizza perpetrator Little Joe.”


I cleared my throat and began the interrogation with a lowered inquisitive tone in my voice…..

“Don’t Leprechauns eat corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick’s Day? That’s what my grandmommy always fixed for us to eat!”

“Yeppers peppers on Saint Patrick’s Day you eat corned beef and cabbage! Not pepperoni pizza!

I slowed down and thought for a moment, “Maybe that’s why he though he could get away with stealing our pepperoni pizza….  He might have thought we’d be too busy eating a special Saint Patrick’s Day feast to notice.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, let out a big “humf” and waited for a reply.

Saint Patrick's Day 2015_IMG_1915

“We demand to know why you were sneaking into the freezer to take our pepperoni pizza!”


“Who me?”, said the Little Leprechaun. “I’m not a thief.”

“What?!!!”, I sharply shouted. “I caught you green pawed sneaking into the freezer to take our pepperoni pizza!”

Me and Little Joe starred him down…..

He got very nervous and started….”Well…. ummmm….” Then he gulped and stuttered….  “I– I– I like pepperoni pizza.”

I raised my brow and said, “That’s all you’re going to say….. is that you like pepperoni pizza?”

I whispered into Little Joe’s ear….

Duffy the Disney Bear whispers into Little Joe's Ear

“I heard that Leprechauns can be beary tricky.”


Little Joe had an idea and whispered back into my ear….

Duffy the Disney Bear whispers back into his older brother's ear.

“I’ll run down a digital facial mapping scan to see if the pilfering pepperoni pizza perpetrator had any prior pepperoni pizza pinching offenses.”


Little Joe picked up my iPhone, snapped a picture of the Little Leprechaun and began to run a digital facial map scan.

“Ah Ha!” Little Joe exclaimed! “Come look at this Duffy!”

Little Joe found a locked-in – 1000% Little Leprechaun digital facial mapping scan hit!

Duffy the Disney Bear surfs the Disney Blog for Saint Patrick's Day Duffy the Disney Bear

“G A S P !”


The Little Leprechaun shuddered and shook when he saw my eyes widen and heard me gasp.

Little Joe looked up and asked, “Hey, what’s that falling from the Little Leprechan’s eye?”

Just then I saw a little tear drop falling out of the Little Leprechaun’s eye.

Saint Patrick's Day Duffy the Disney Bear had a tear fall from his eye

A tear drop started to fall from Little Leprechaun’s eye.


“I think it’s a tear.” I said to Little Joe, “I didn’t think Leprechauns cried?”

Then I wondered to myself, “Hey, maybe this isn’t a real Leprechaun?”

The Little Leprechaun sniffled and asked, “Why do you keep calling me a Little Leprechaun thief?”

“What do you mean?….” I cautiously asked.

“I’m not a Little Leprechaun thief, I’m a Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear.

I gasped again! “Oh NO!”

The Little Leprechaun continued, “Don’t you remember adopting me?….. That’s why I can’t help loving pepperoni pizza.”


“But,…but…but… then why haven’t you ever joined me & Little Joe for pepperoni pizza before?”

The Little Leprechaun just shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe because I only wake up with the magic on Saint Patrick’s Day?”

“Well…..” I cautiously started, “Me and Little Joe just watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People on the Turner Classic Movie channel a few nights earlier……..

…..and…and…..and…. you’re dressed just like the King of the Leprechauns, King Brian,…. AND It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, so of course we thought you were a Little Leprechaun, not a Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear.”

I started feeling kinda bad……

Well…. not kinda bad… I was feeling my super dufferduperest worstest of all duffadumbest rotten bad!


How could I not see what the Digital Facial Mapping Scan really showed us… Not that he was a pilfering pepperoni pizza perpetrator with a prior pepperoni pizza pinching offense….

Our ‘Little Leprechaun’ was really a Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear.

If I looked more closely, I would have seen that the Digital Facial Mapping Scan located the facial scan hit on the Disney Parks Blog !

Disney Parks Blog Saint Patrick's Day Duffy the Disney Bear

Look closely Little Joe…. the Digital Facial Mapping Scan hit on the Disney Parks Blog…. Little Joe whispered, “I think we might have made a mistake Duffy.”


“I gotta make up for this somehow Little Joe.”

I thunk and I thunk and I tunker-duffer-thunked! My cranial stuffing was in super sorry overdrive.


What else did grandmommy always do on Saint Patrick’s Day for us to have a super fun time?

…… Grandmommy made everything green! She’d make everything that would look good to eat green –green!

We’re not allowed to use the food coloring…. yet, we did have some very beary duffer-d-lish-E-ous Green Lime Sherbert in the freezer!

“I’m very beary sorry Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear and me and Little Joe would like to make it up to you.” Little Joe was nodding his head along with my apology.

Our Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear lifted up his head, his ears perked up and his little eyes glistened as the tear disappeared.

“Yes…..” he said with hopeful anticipation.

“Well, I’m sorry we can’t make the pepperoni pizza today because mommy already started cooking the corned beef and all trimmings for our Saint Patrick’s Day Feast.”

Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear, started to lose the glistening hope in his eyes until I said….

“Yet, we do have Green Lime Sherbert !”

Not only did the brightness return to his eyes, he started doing one of those Irish Gig dances!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear dances and Irish Jig

“Come do an Irish Jig with us!”


The three of us danced our way into the kitchen.

Duffy the Disney Bear with Saint Patrick's Day Duffy the Disney Bear

I sat our Little Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear at the place of honor while Little Joe got the lime sherbet.


Little Joe was Mr. Lickety-Splits in getting everything ready for our celebration.

Saint Patrick's Day 2015_IMG_1954

“How many scoops for our Honorary Saint Patrick’s Day Duffy the Disney Bear Little Leprechaun?”



Duffy the Disney Bears serves up some Publix Cool Lime Sherbet

“Our honorary Little Leprechaun deserves 3 scoops!”


Little Joe served our Honorary Duffy the Disney Bear Saint Patrick’s Day Little Leprechaun first!

Duffy the Disney Bear serves up some lime sherbet to the Little Leprechaun.

“This special Saint Patrick’s Day treat is just for you Little Leprechaun.”


Then, to officially seal our apology to our new friend, me & Little Joe served ourselves up only one scoop of green lime sherbert.

Duffy the Disney Bear shares some lime sherbet with Little Joe & Saint Patrick's Day Duffy the Disney Bear

“Dig in Everybear!”


Whew! There’s nothing like some tummy yummy treats to bring back the smiles and hugs and make everything all better!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you all!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Sonny’s BBQ Meal Deal is Pawlicking GooD!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

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