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Welcome to Bearbonics

Bearbonics is beary simple!

It's my beary own Bear Words!

Bearbonics is just the way I tawlk!

My grandmommy taught me that I should always be very beary careful how I “e-nun-ci-ate” my words.


I really do try my best, but, well, when I just can’t get the words out right or I feel like making up a word there’s……. Bearbonics!


(duffer and flumped) sounds like - duffer-fa-lump-ed. Dufferdflumped means that a bear is very upset or angry.


(Sandwich) sounds like- Sam-Mich. Sammiches are tummy yummy treats with two pieces of bread on the outside and something super yummy on the inside! ….and even more important, my Auntie Sandra says sammich and I love my Auntie Sandra!


(fun and duffer) sounds like- fun-A-duffer. Funaduffer is anything that a Duffy the Disney Bear does that is fun!


(indubitably) sounds like: in-doo-bear, it-ta, blee. It means that most duffer-certainly 100 million, billion, trillion, super godzillionly times YES!


(video) sounds like: video with a ‘b’. Bideos are stuff you watch on youtube or in one of those old fashioned VCR video players… that’s if you still gots a VCR. My mommy must be very old (shsssh…) because she still has one of those things.


(anyway) sounds like: ennnnnn-kneeeee-bear. It means I wanna change the subject – which I do lots and lots because my head jumps around too much some times and I get off track - so I’ll sticking ‘Aaaannnnnybear’ in the conversation to get back on track!


(Italian) sounds like: I- tal-wee- in. Anything that comes from Italy. Like all the yummy things to eat like pizza. I got an Italweein Mickey Ears Hat! It’s not from Italy, but it’s an Italweein Mickey Ears Hat because it’s made with the colors of the Italweein flag.


(very) sounds like: bear-ee. It means a whole lot more. The more bearys I use in a sentence, like – beary, beary, beary …. it means a super whole lot more good!


(movie) sounds like moo (how cows tawlk) – bee (like a bumble bee). Moobies are my one of my favorite things to watch. I especially like Disney moobies and cartoons. I think liking Disney moobies was programmed into my Duffy the Disney Bear Adoption Activation Device (AAD).


(snooze! – it’s the news.) Yous know, the news that yous watch on the tv. I thought the news was really called the snooze because that’s why my granddaddy calls it. He says it can make him sleepy.


(spaghetti) sounds like: spas-sa-get-tee. It’s super tummy yummy Italian Food! Sometimes I think I could eat spassghettie every day! But usually we eat it on Sundays. It’s kinda of an Italweein tradition in this family to make our spassaghettie dinners on Sundays. But that doesn’t mean I can’t eat the left overs all week!



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Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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