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Yeppers peppers! It's just me collecting stuff.....AGAIN! 

This time I'm collecting all the Duffy and Friends Videos from the

World Wide Web!

It's my archive - you know a library. A special library just for Duffy stuff! ... and this Duffy stuff just so happens to be all the wonderful, furbulous bideos of me and my friends!

*Note: Videos not in Date Order they were first posted. Latest Uploaded videos on this site show up first.

Duffy the Disney Bear Video Archive

🎶 Duffy & Friends Summer Night Melody 🎶

Let's Play Hide and Seek

Disney Color Fest A Street Party! Duffy’s Solo

Disney Color Fest A Street Party LinaBell’s Solo

Disney Color Fest A Street Party

Duffy's New Friend Cookie Arrives in HKDL

StellaLou's Wonderful Wishes Ballet

Your Wishes Shine Brighter with Friends

Disney Color Fest A Street Party ShellieMay’s Solo

Sharing Memories of Special Moments with Friends

Duffy & Friends Spring is On

The Magic of Friendship and the The Mysterious Footprint

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