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I collect really cool stuff!  I collect pictures of Disney Cast Members, paying special tribute to Disney Legacy Cast Members & Partners in Excellence recipients, as well as pins and stickers. 


Pictures and other Cool

Stuff I Collect

I think I inherited that from Ariel (aka the Little Mermaid).  

She had a big collection of stuff. Ariel found all her things under the sea. Ariel and I are both Disney Characters...... so I just figure since Duffy the Disney Bear comes from Tokyo Disney Seas..... and Ariel lives in the sea - we both have collecting in common! Or it's just my ADD gone screwy! 


Now, Ariel and I don't really collect the same kind of stuff. I can’t really go swimming because I’m filled with stuffing and I’ll sink.


So I collect all my stuff on land! I bet that makes Ariel happy because we don't hunt for the same stuff!


My very beary firstest collection was taking pictures of all my Disney Cast Member friends. 

I had bunches of cast member pictures on my site – but as web-sites like to do sometimes, it crashed! 🙁 !!!  – please come back  to these pages and click the buttons to see what I have been able to salvage.  I’m FINALLY getting all my pictures back and MORE!)

My Collections...

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