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BearCroNyms are Acronyms!

………………humans might just plainly say


But I think the word acronyms a silly word.

       …........... it’s just not fun for a six year old like me!

Did YOU ever try to say acronyms three times fast?

It just doesn’t work! 

Well…. I guess saying BearCroNyms three times fast isn’t very beary easy either.

Only it’s lots funner!

wikipedia-ed up ‘acronyms’ – The wikipedia humans have a fancy way to explain acronyms.

“An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word.”

Duh… what?

Humans make stuff way to hard!

They could have just said it like this…..

Take the first letter of each word…..

……….squish them all together…….to make up your BearCroNym!

It’s just silly for a six year old bear to be saying ‘acronyms’.

You might have noticed….. Well I hope you noticed, that I sometimes use the first letter of every word to make my BearCroNym.

Like my ‘Adoption Activation Device’ is my ‘AAD’. It’s much easier to say AAD over and over than to keep saying Adoption Activation Device over and over and over.

Acronym is just too fancy of a word.

So here ya go…….. my BearCroNyms!

AAD: Adoption Activation Device
AADAPFMDLBR: Adoption Activation Device’s Adoption Ping Frequency MultiDynamic-Logic Board Receptor
AADDDBBASP: Adoption Activation Device Duffy the Disney Bear Brokered Adoption Search Ping
AADC: Adoption Activation Device Confirmation Ping
AADPD: Adoption Activation Device Pinging Data
AADRFDIS: Adoption Activation Device Radio Frequency Duffy Identifier Signals
AADDNFC:  Adoption Activation Device Duffy Name Frequency Chip
AADRPFC: Adoption Activation Device Reciprocator Ping Frequency Chip
ABSAP: As Beary Soon As Possible
ACER: Adoption Certificate Exchange Register
BLOG: a Bear’s Life is Outrageously Great!
DDADID: Duffy Diffusion Attention Distractor Implant Device
DDB-ACS: Duffy the Disney Bear Adoption Counseling Services
DDB-ADIs: Duffy the Disney Bear Adoption Interviews
DDBHAF: Duffy the Disney Bear Human Adoption Frequencies
DDBTAADDFASL: Duffy the Disney Bear Transitional Adoption Activation Device Delivery Frequency Adjustment Storage Location
DDBTBB: Duffy the Disney Bear Teddy Bear Bath
DDBTHDU: Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit – Human’s call these ‘shelves’ in stores.
DOMMS: Duff-OM-Meter Shield
DTDBTB: Duffy the Disney Bear Travel Box
HDWS: Human Disney Withdrawal Syndrome
HH: Human Heart ❤️
IHHPD: Internal Human Homing Pinging Device
MVIB: Most Very Important Bear
OMB!: Oh My Bear!
OSARMaGAoHEttCM: Officially Self-Appointed Roaming Meet and Greet Ambassador of Hugs Extraordinaire to the Cast Members
OTP: Out on the Prowl
OTPHCM: Out on the Prowl Hunting Cast Members
PAADDM: Paranoid Adoption Activation Device Derangement Malfunction
RFDIAS: Radio Frequency Duffy Identifier Adoption Signals
SDPPDPP: Special Disney Plushie Protective Decorated Plastic Packaging
SMVIB: Super Most Very Important Bear
SSANC: Special Secret Agent Neverland Contact
WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get



Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear

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