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Walt Disney Legacy Award Winners!

What’s a Disney Legacy Award Winner?
The Walt Disney Legacy Award Lanyard Decoration

Well, one day when I was at Disney World, I noticed a cast member was wearing a blue name tag as I was performing my self appointed duties as the ‘Duffy the Disney Bear Ambassador of Hugs to the Disney Cast Members’.


I like learning all about stuff…..……So… I asked……….


——> “Hey, why are you wearing a blue name tag?…..”  ….and I learned……

A Disney Legacy Award Winner Cast Member is a Super Duper Special Disney Cast Member!

Disney Legacy Award Winner- Mark copy.webp

Blue name tag ='s Super Duper

DuffyDisneyTastic Cast Member!

What makes these blue name tag wearing cast members so special?

It’s a very special honor to be a Legacy Award Winner because they get nominated and picked by other Cast Members.

That makes it a really Super Duper DuffyDisneyTastic Special Honor!

Their other cast member friends pick them because they are very beary good at creating special magic for their other cast member friends and all the guests that visit the Disney Parks.

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It’s the most specialist highest honor cast members, crew members and Imagineers can get at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts!

Legacy Award Winners can’t just be happy and friendly some of the time. (I get grumpy some days…) They got to be very beary special at creating happiness for everyone ALL the time!

Finding new ways to create special Disney Magic for the guests is also something that Legacy Award Winners must be beary good at doing.

These humans are just very beary natural at doing something good and helpful; not just for other humans, but for Duffy Bears too!

Legacy Award Winners are genuine real-deal happy humans! I know lots of humans. Having special magic and happiness all the time is in a human’s heart.

Since I snapped a photo of my very beary firstest Disney Legacy Award winner, I’ve been on the look out to add to my Disney Legacy Award Winner Cast Member Special Category Photo Collections.

It’s really cool when I get a twofer! That’s two Legacy Award Winners in one photo!

As you know, I’m a bear on a mission….

A mission to collect the picture of all my cast member friends! Now it’s even more funner looking for the special blue name tag wearing Legacy Award Winners!



Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


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