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Bear Talk is simple!

Just ask me,

Duffy the Disney Bear!

Basically, you gots your two kinds of Bear tawlk. There's Bearbonics and BearCronNyms. I gots kinda a third (and maybe even a fourth way), but it's because my ADD (<-Learn BearCroNyms) got messed up and I tawlk like I'm from Jersey! (<-Never beens there) .....and for some reason, ShellieMay says I add an 's' on the end of some words when the 's' doesn't belongs there! She's crazy! I don't hears it!

Annnnnybear.... enoughs of adding a little 's' and the Jersey accent.

I'm gonna teach yous guys Bearbonics and BearCronNyms.

- the two Duffy the Disney Bear approved ways to officially Bear Talk.

It’s just the way I tawlk! My grandmommy taught me that I should always be beary careful how I “e-nun-ci-ate” my words.


I really do try my best, but, well, when I just can’t get the words out right or I feel like making up a word there’s……. Bearbonics!

…….click the button bear-low to learn all the ‘beary’ special Bearbonics words!

Bear Talk Bearbonics.webp

But I think the word acronyms a silly word.

….. it’s just not fun for a six year old like me!


Bears use BearCroNyms as their own special way of coding long strings of words.

…….click the  button bear-low for the special BerCroNym decoder list!

Bear Talk Bearcronyms.webp
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