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Your Wishes Shine Brighter with Friends

Duffy and his friends are discovering the beauty of fireflies in a clearing in the forest.  A meteor passes by and StellaLou is “Wishing her dancing dream comes true!”

Duffy tries to figure out how to help StellaLou with her wish. LinaBell gets and idea and the Friends follow her to where she shows them the beautiful fireflies.

ShellieMay has a great idea and says, “Let’s make outfits that shine!”

ShellieMay goes back into the cottage and with the help of the talented Gelatoni, all the friends have sparkly new outfits!

The friends circle around StellaLou, with Olu Mel playing the ukulele as she does a few arabesques, then twirls and sparkles in the center of the circle.

Video Source:

Disney Magical Kingdom Blog

#OfficalDisney, #StopMotion

NOTE: Video description from original source video translated using Google Translate. Sometimes I may edit the story a little bit or maybe even a lot, and add a comment or two... or three... Or, if the translation doesn't make any sense to my fuzzy cranial stuffing - I'll write my own little description! You know me... I never know, until I know, and then maybe I don't still know?

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