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“Duffy & Friends” Short Series Coming Soon To Disney+

September 12, 2022

OH MY BEAR!! You Bearcha I'm duffer-fluffered out of my fur excited!

I'm finally getting my own TV series. Well, that's me and all my super wonderful special friends! You know - ShellieMay, Gelatoni, OluMel, StellaLou, CookieAnn and LinaBell!!!

It's gonna be a 6 episode series of our furbulous adventures together.

It's so exciting!!! I'm gonna be on the big screen - well the big screen in my house and every house in the world that subscribes to Disney Plus!

This could be the start of something even more wonderful - like BIG Duffy coming back to do his meet and greets in the USA parks. I so miss my BIG Duffy hugs.

(From left to right) - StellaLou Gelatoni, Duffy the Disney Bear, LinaBell, ShellieMay, CookieAnn and OluMel join together to celebrate their coming 2023 premier on Disney Plus!

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“Duffy & Friends” Short Series Coming Soon To Disney+

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