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Disney Friends will be Cheering You on at the Duffy and Friends 3K Race in Hong Kong Disneyland

November 19, 2022

Hong Kong Disneyland March 2023 Duffy and Friends 3K jaunt

Through some savvy dufferdoodle internet sleuthing I’ve already reported on the wonderful Duffy and Friends 3K Race in Hong Kong Disneyland. (You can see the picture of the medal you'll get when you finish the race in that article.)

Well…. I just found out some more exciting stuff to share with yous guys. 

First..... on the official information from the HKDL 10K Weekend 2023 website you can find all the super special stuff you need to know about the Duffy and Friends 3K…. (important news music plays now in your head…...while I delay telling you more special exciting stuff to build excitement to the announcement….)

The Official HKDL 10K Weekend 2023 shares......

This year's event will be filled with many magical surprises to celebrate 100 years of wonder from The Walt Disney Company. You can stride down the red brick road on Main Street, U.S.A., sweat your way through several different lands in the park, and even make your way through the iconic archway of the Castle of Magical Dreams in a first-of-its-kind experience. In addition, you will be taking in various attractions, making this a first-of-its-kind running experience. Plus, beloved Disney Friends will appear to cheer you on at several surprise moments. So run fast, run together, and run through the magic.

And the most exciting news is that me and my friends are gonna be along the race route! Okay, so you read that in end of the quote above, I mentioned it in the previous article,..... and perhaps you savvy race runners kinda figured out already that me and my friends are gonna be on the race route - ......

LinaBell, ShellieMay and Duffy cheer on Racers running down main street in the Duffy and Friends 3K Race in Hong Kong Disneyland

.......but several surprise moments??? Did you catch that????

Bet yous guys can hardly wait for March 2023 and the Duffy and Friends 3K Race in Hong Kong Disneyland to see how we are going to surpise you!

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Inside the Magic

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Inside the Magic

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Hong Kong Disneyland Announces Return of Long-Anticipated Event

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