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Disney Wish Cast Member Hints at Duffy and Friends Returning to the USA Disney Parks!

July 1, 2022

OMB! I'm coming baaaccckkkkk!!! Me and my Friends will be coming back to the USA Disney Parks!

Some of the humans from the went to the christening of the new Disney Wish. A Cast Member leaked to them that they are working on a big domestic launch for Duffy and Friends!

Big Duffy left EPCOT in 2014 on a Sea Voyage. I almost thought Big Duffy got lost at sea...... - FOREVER!

But, silly me - how could such a super-duffer-sailing-pro get lost at SEA?

Duffy was probably just traveling around gathering up his other friends to bring back here!

I'm not sure if mommy is happy or not. She said we need a bigger house for all my siblings, cousins and friends!

So now I just have to keep my little heart from popping out of my chest until they make this whispered rumor true!

Huggies to ALL


Duffy Bear

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Any Duffy Fans Out There? Disney Wish Cast Member Hints at Impending Duffy and Friends Announcement

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