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Duffy & Friends Winter Wonderland in Hong Kong Disneyland

June 24, 2022

Hong Kong Disneyland's "A Disney Christmas" is coming back! It's gonna start in November of 2022 and finish up in early January 2023!

..... and of course.....

the very beary bear-est-est part.....

Well naturally,..... it's gonna be an all-new special “Duffy & Friends Winter Wonderland”. It's been described as a snow-filled paradise!

I'm excited about the snow! First because it's gotta be cold when it snows - makes all my furriness come in handy.

..... AND second,..... I really want to make lots and lots of snowbears!

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Laughing Place

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Laughing Place

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Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris Announce 2022 Holiday Plans

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