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Gelatoni Popcorn Bucket Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort

August 3, 2023

Gelatoni holding a paint brush with his sketch book in his lapis sitting on top of round popcorn bucket decorated like TDS Med

It’s about time my friend Gelatoni got some popcorn bucket love! ❤️ 🍿

Quoted from WDWNewsToday:

A new Gelatoni popcorn bucket is coming soon to Tokyo Disney Resort. Gelatoni is an artistic green tuxedo cat who wears a blue beret. He lives in Mediterranean Harbor, the entrance area of Tokyo DisneySea. The land is themed to the fictional Italian city Porto Paradiso and Gelatoni is named after gelato, Italian ice cream. He was only the second of Duffy’s friends to be introduced, after ShellieMay, in 2014.
Gelatoni Popcorn Bucket – ¥2,600
The new popcorn bucket takes inspiration from Mediterranean Harbor with Italian structures pictured in black and white around the sides. ShellieMay and Duffy are shown sight-seeing while Gelatoni paints. It has a blue diamond-patterned strap.
The popcorn bucket will be available (with popcorn) beginning on September 7, 2023. It will be at the popcorn cart across from Sea Turtle Souvenirs in Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea.

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New Gelatoni Popcorn Bucket Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort in September 2023

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