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REVIEW: Food & Souvenirs Available During Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage in Cape Cod Cook-Off - Tokyo DisneySea

January 30, 2022

Delicious Treats, Burgers & Souvenirs! I want them all!

Once again, Tokyo Disney Seas in Japan is hosting a very special Duffy the Disney Bear event entitled "Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage".

This review includes some of the special food items available along with the souvenirs you get with your food.

Note: Winter 2022 "Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage" gets back to basics featuring Mickey and Duffy together again on a high seas journey adventure. As we all know, several new friends have joined Duffy since he first came to life with Minnie's Magical stitches. Tokyo Disney Sea is featuring just Mickey & Duffy sharing special time together once again.

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REVIEW: Cute Souvenirs, Delicious Desserts, & Decent Burger Make Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage Food a Success in Cape Cod Cook-Off at Tokyo DisneySea

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