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Video: Duffy and Friends’ Smile & Fun Harbor Greeting at Tokyo DisneySea

July 24, 2023

Don’t cha just loved being loved? 

I do!

All my friends and I are now featured in our very beary own boat that dances around the in Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea. 

This is the first time all seven of us are featured together in a special event at Tokyo DisneySea. Finally, me, ShellieMay, Gelatoni and StellaLou are joined by CookieAnn, ‘Olu Mel, and LinaBell in their first appearance here as costume characters. (Already available as adorably adoptable plushies!)

It looks like ShellieMay had a big hand in designing the boat. It’s decorated with buttons, ribbons and fabric swatches from some of ShellieMay’s costumes designs for me and the gang. 

‘Olu Mel’s composed a very beary special song for us on his ukulele. Not sure what he named the song, but I added some words - good word like, “it’s a perfect day when we are all together”. So maybe that’s what I’ll name our new special Duffy & Friends Mediterranean Harbor show song! 

This show takes place in Mediterranean Harbor, and will run until September 6, 2023. We sail out two times a day at 11:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. to sing, dance and play and great all our special guests!

Here's the video of our fully voyage curtesy of WDWToday!

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WDW News Today

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WDW News Today

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VIDEO: Duffy and Friends’ Smile & Fun Harbor Greeting at Tokyo DisneySea

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