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Duffy & Friends Autumn Sleepover

The fall season has come to Cape Cod.

Earlier in the day, the friends searched for the beautiful, colorful fallen leaves and acorns.

Later in the evening Duffy, and his friends decide to have a pajama party and make some fall crafts together.

Duffy and Gelatoni fall asleep early as ShellieMay and StellaLou continue to enjoy one another's company.

It will warm your heart to see them enjoying the long autumn nights in such a cute way♪

Video Source:

Tokyo DisneySea

#StopMotion #OfficialDisney

NOTE: Video description from original source video translated using Google Translate. Sometimes I may edit the story a little bit or maybe even a lot, and add a comment or two... or three... Or, if the translation doesn't make any sense to my fuzzy cranial stuffing - I'll write my own little description! You know me... I never know, until I know, and then maybe I don't still know?

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