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Duffy & Friends Very Merry Snowtime in New York

StellaLou has been invited to New York City where she has dreamed of becoming a famous dancer.

Duffy and his friends join Stellalou to keep her company and enjoy a winter together in New York City.

They decide to challenge themselves with the popular winter sport of ice skating.

Can everyone skate well?

Video Source:

Tokyo DisneySea

#StopMotion #OfficialDisney

NOTE: Video description from original source video translated using Google Translate. Sometimes I may edit the story a little bit or maybe even a lot, and add a comment or two... or three... Or, if the translation doesn't make any sense to my fuzzy cranial stuffing - I'll write my own little description! You know me... I never know, until I know, and then maybe I don't still know?

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