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Let's Play Hide and Seek

As the friends begin to play hide and seek, they decide that Gelatoni is ‘it’. He must cover his eyes and count to 100 as the other friends hide for him to find them. 

Gelatoni didn’t have much trouble finding StellaLou and LinaBell. The silly two hid behind a bush. StellaLou forgot to crouch down low enough so her ears were popping up and LinaBell forgot to tuck in her tail, so Gelatoni saw it wiggling behind the bush!

Olu Mel, lost in his music, forgot to hide! So there he was out in the clearing strumming away on his Ukulele in front of a big tree. 

Let’s see who’s next….

Oh, now it’s ShelliMay and CookieAnn who also failed to squeeze in tight enough behind the pretty flowered bush. They both popped out from either of the sides of the bush they were hiding behind to surprise Gelatoni.

Hummmmm….. so now, Gelatoni must only find Duffy.

Duffy can see Gelatoni, but Gelatoni still can’t see Duffy. Duffy is way up high sitting on a tree branch above where OluMel is strumming away and singing, giggling and giggling that so far he has fooled Gelatoni.

LinaBell joins Gelatoni with her spy glass as they set out once again to find Duffy. 

Oh No! As Duffy continues to giggle away in delight because he hid so well, he hears a bird chirping in distress. He carefully climbs from his branch across the tree to where the little yellow bird is almost about to fall out of her nest! 

Duffy catches the little yellow bird just in time and the little bird sings a nice thank you song for Duffy to enjoy.

Gelatoni and LinaBell continue their search for Duffy. Finally, LinaBell with her spy glass found Duffy’s footie paw tracks that stopped at the foot of the big tree. She looks up and all the friends run over and look up. 

They are very concerned that Duffy is perched up so high in the big tree and motion for him to come down.

Duffy reaches his paw down to get help and LinaBell, Gelatoni and ShellieMay all hold up a paw up to help him out of the tree. 

Duffy jumps safely out of the tree and lands on his feet. The friends all celebrate their Play Days fun! 

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Disney Magical Kingdom Blog

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NOTE: Video description from original source video translated using Google Translate. Sometimes I may edit the story a little bit or maybe even a lot, and add a comment or two... or three... Or, if the translation doesn't make any sense to my fuzzy cranial stuffing - I'll write my own little description! You know me... I never know, until I know, and then maybe I don't still know?

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