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Duffy's Wonderful Voyage Tokyo Disney Seas

Me and Mickey Mouse are heading back out to the high seas!

It’s time for Duffy’s Wonderful Voyage at Tokyo Disney Seas Resort in Japan!!!

As I was writing a letter to one of the friends I made across the seas when Mickey and I went on our very beary firstest voyage ever. Mickey saw me writing my letter and had an idea. Mickey said, “Duffy, how would you like to go on a new special adventure together? Just you and me pal?”

Zooooooooowallies! How could I resist! I was duffernuttertastic over the moon with joy!

It’s been a very beary long time since Mickey and I have journeyed off together on a special adventure.

Duffy the Disney Bear writing a letter with Mickey Mouse by his side
I’m just so excited I keep asking, “Mickey where we are going on our next adventure?”

Mickey and I did a little day dreaming about all the wonderful places we could journey to for some exciting adventures. There were just so many new places to explore we couldn’t decide.


I saw a lightbulb flash over Mickey's head.....

Mickey took me to our special adventure room with the magical globe of the earth. Mickey said we could spin the globe and after it stopped spinning, I would close my eyes and point to a spot to find our next destination.

Mickey and Duffy sit in front of a world globe
Mickey let me spin the globe!

Mickey and I have our duffle bags all packed and ready for our Wonderful Voyage!

Mickey & Duffy holding paws as they walk towards the boat dock
Finally! Mickey and I are on our way!

Mickey took my paw as we walked towards the boat dock.

Duffy and Mickey are in their boat. Mickey is holding onto Duffy as Duffy leans over the ledge and points his paw forward
Me and Mickey finally set sail on January 13, 2022

Oh..... where are we going?........

hehehehe.... I can't tell....

Well... not yet anyway!


Duffy wearing his Sailor Hat in his Salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

ShellieMay, Little Joe and I are so lucky to have a twitter friend that lives in Japan. Her twitter name is @riridsds. She the super bestest!

Riri shares photos of Duffy the Disney Bear and Friends and other fun things from Tokyo Seas Resort and Japan with me and lots of my friends on Twitter.


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