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Little Joe is really excited! Mommy brought home Olaf from Disney.

Little Joe is lying on his bed hugging  Olaf from Frozen

“Mommy & Duffy adopted Olaf for me!”

Only….. Well….. I have to tell Little Joe that mommy adopted Olaf for our Auntie Melissa.

It’s going to break his little heart.

What am I going to do?!!!!!

Little Joe and Olaf haven’t been separated for a single duffersecond!

Everybody cross your paws that the next time we go to Disney we’ll be able to adopt Auntie Melissa a different Olaf so Little Joe won’t be disappointed.


Duffy Bear head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Happy Easter!

Raise Your Paw for PopSecret Popcorn!

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