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Olympic Gold Medal Celebration!

Yep! Anything is possible!... even winning three Olympic Gold Medals while watching my very 1st Olympics!

So today I'm in EPCOT for my Olympic Gold Medal Celebration!

Duffy is in EPCOT's Canada Pavilion with a Duffy dressed in the Duffy Canada outfit

I won my Olympic Gold Medals for *Cuddling*, *Pizza Eating* and *Web-Surfing*

....three very distinguished and respected competitions!

I forgot to officially enter the "Watching the Olympics" Category. Maybe I would have won four Olympic Gold Medals!

Ah, well... Live and Learn!

Huggies to EveryBear!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Snooze Button Princess & Olympic Gold Medal Champion!

Father’s Day Celebration

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