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Special Hospital Hat for Granddaddy is Ready!

….. and I helped!


Burrrrrrrrrrr….. it’s very beary cold sometimes in the hospital room. I can get up and run around the room and practice my flippies to warm up, but granddaddy’s got to wait for the physical therapist before he can get up out of bed and move around.

Duffy the Disney Bear models his granddaddy's special hospital Hat

I think I’d likes mommy to make one of these hospital hats for me too! It’s really nice and snuggly warm!


When granddaddy asked for a hat, I reminded mommy that she made a special hospital hat for grandmommy when she was in the hospital to keep her warm.

So mommy and I went to the fabric store and got this super soft fuzzy blue fabric. Mommy decorated grandmommy’s hat with a pink flower looking button thingy. I kinda thought that granddaddy’s hospital hat should have something special on it too. It’s harder to find stuff that isn’t girly to decorate a hospital hat. I walked around the whole store and finally found these letters to put granddaddy initials on his hospital hat.

ShellieMay thought it would be nice for me to show you a picture of grandmommy’s hospital hat.

I went to get grandmommy’s hospital hat so ShellieMay could model it here on my blog for you. But she said that she was too busy in the kitchen with the Thanksgiving Dinner preparations. She suggested I model it instead.

Ugh! Me….put on a —> GIRL’S Hat! <—

ShellieMay said, “It’s just a hat Duffy, not a death sentence!”

Granddaddy's Blue Hat_IMG_0024

Hey! I heard that laughing! Oh, well…. It’s ok, cause it’s super comfy!


Okay, so maybe I get a tiny bit dramatic about posing with a *gulp* —> girl’s hat <—, but hey, I gots an image to keep up!

Don’t laugh! I can hear you if you laugh!….

So here it is…. me… in my grandmommy’s hospital hat…..

Remember…. don’t laugh! I have super duffersonic hearing!

“Little Joe!!!”

Hey! Little Joe is hysterically laughing at me!

Hummmmm? I started thinking……… I’ll get him……. So I said to Little Joe,…..

“Hey Little Joe, why don’t you model grandmommy’s hospital hat?”

Little Joe giggled and snorted as he said, …..”Okie DufferDokies Duffy! I’ll model it for your blog”….

Granddaddy's Blue Hat_IMG_0025

“What you do think Duffy?”



Little Joe!!!”

I couldn’t help it! I started laughing!

I was laughing so hard that I started snorting too!

I shouted to ShellieMay to come look at Little Joe. ShellieMay peeked out of the kitchen, she looked at Little Joe and said in her very bear cool sparkling voice,……

“Little Joe, the flower goes on the side, not in the front.”


ShellieMay didn’t laugh? How could she not laugh?

Little Joe struggled to move the flower to the side because we both could hardly stop laughing.

Duffy the Disney Bear Outfit Hospital Hat

“Is this better ShellieMay?” Little Joe Bear is now correctly modeling the Hospital Hat mommy made for grandmommy.


We caught her!

Little Joe and I snuck into the kitchen……

ShellieMay was laughing!!!

And the tears weren’t just because ShellieMay was chopping up the onions for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner Turkey Stuffing!

I don’t think I ever heard or saw ShellieMay laugh so hard!

She was so hysterically laughing she almost fell out of the chair!

Granddaddy's Blue Hat_GIF ShellieMay

ShellieMay did her best not to let us know that she was hysterically laughing at Little Joe’s antics.


ShellieMay finally gave up and came out to laugh with me and Little Joe.

ShellieMay snuggled up to Little Joe and gave him a big hug for making her laugh so hard.

Duffy the Disney Bear

D’oh! Now my hat slipped down over my eyes!


Everything was funny now!

As if it was even possible, we all laughed even harder when granddaddy’s hospital hat fell down over my eyes.

We even thought it was funny when Little Joe put his paws up to stop his hat from falling down over his eyes too!

Duffy the Disney Bear puts his paws up to his hospital baby cap so it didn't slip down over his eyes too!

Little Joe was like…”Whoopies duppies”… and we all started cracking up again!


Laughing really is good medicine!

We were all very happy that we put special ‘giggle medicine’ into

Granddaddy’s Hospital Hat!

Cookie Medicine, and now a hosptial hat with special magical Duffy the Disney Bear giggle medicine!

We were certain that granddaddy’s surgery will go goods and he’ll be super dufferdupers better soon and home with us for the Holidays!

Huggies and Giggles Medicine for yous guys too!,

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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