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A Little Happy Valentine’s Day Story

A….. excuse me Duffy, said ShellieMay as she peeked over my laptop and asked, “Do you know what today is Duffy?” ……. I was like.....

Duffy is looking a the Disney website to make plans for his next visit. There is a picture of a Star Wars Star Trooper on his laptop screen. ShellieMay is peaking over the back of the laptop wearing Minnie Mouse patterned onesie pajamas and a pink ribbon in her hair

I was very busy planning my visit to Hollywood Studios, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and really preferred not to be disturbed!


I was like, “Sure ShellieMay, it’s Sunday.”

ShellieMay puffed and exclaimed, “Sunday? Is that all you have to say Duffy?……. That today is Sunday?”

*Uh oh….. I better not look up*

ShellieMay continued, “Maybe you can google it?”


Duffy laptop screen shows the google logo for the day. The letters of of Google are in Green and the second 'o' is replaced by a large red heart

*ooopppppsssssss….. think fast…….*


“Ummmmm….. is today that 14th day of February again ShellieMay?”

“Yes, Duffy, that pesky little day in February that comes every year after the 13th and before the 15th!”

“Wait here ShellieMay………”

ShellieMay crossed her arms and settled in for what she thought might be hours and hours of waiting…..

But just then,……..

Duffy rides up on his scooter with a Valentine's Day gift for ShellieMay

“Special Delivery for ShellieMay!”


ShellieMays pretty eyes lit up like sparkling blue M&M’s candies.

ShellieMay is holding the pink Hello Kitty gift. There is a Hello Kitty plush doll and some candy inside a pink metal bucket with Hello Kitty decorations wrapped in cellophane

Oh Duffy this is such a big surprise!


ShellieMay just kept gushing…”How thoughtful Duffy of you to remember Valentine’s Day and how much I love Hello Kitty!”

ShellieMay shows off the Hello Kitty doll and candy

I love my little Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day present!


No sooner than ShellieMay unwrapped her Valentine’s Day gift, Little Joe appeared…..

Little Joe never misses out on any candy surprises……

ShellieMay and Duffy are standing on the floor and Little Joe appeared from the couchabove to see what was going on with Duffy and ShellieMay

“Hey, what’s going on down there? Does ShellieMay have some candy?”


Before ShellieMay or I knew what happened, Little Joe swooped down towards ShellieMay’s Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day gift package and found the pink wrapped candies.

Little Joe swooped down and found the Valentine's Day candies in the little purple box

Little Joe was so excited, “I found it! I found it! …. the chocolate is wrapped in shinny pink paper.”


Little Joe snatched up the little round candy wrapped in hot pink shinny paper. He was so fast, ShellieMay and Duffy didn't even realize he had the candy.

Little Joe is holding one of the small circular candies wrapped in hot pink cellophane

Little Joe ripped the shinny pink paper off the candy and to his surprise….

Little Joe was disappointed to find that the candy wasn't chocolate

*nom nom nom* It’s not chocolate Duffy, but it’s still beary tasty.


What? I could hardly believe it! I didn’t get chocolate candies when I bought ShellieMay her Valentine’s Day gift?

I dug deep into the Hello Kitty bucket… maybe…..

Duffy looks inside the Hello Kitty bucket for some chocolate

What? No chocolate?


ShellieMay always shares her candy with me and Little Joe.

I’m kinda afraid to eat pink candies….

…..It’s too late for a refund…. ☹️

………. yet Little Joe said they tasted good….

Oh well…..

If I’ve learned anything over the years….

It’s first never to forget to buy ShellieMay a Valentine’s Day present.

Second, … I gotta remember to actually give it to her on Valentine’s Day!

…. and third, to double check the package before I buy it to make sure the candies are chocolate!

Duffy and ShellieMay sit on either side of Duffy's laptop. There is a screen picture with red hearts for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day EveryBear!

Duffy head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Land of the FREE!

Best Buy Says I’m Not a Bear!

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