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Whoooo Hoooooo! Valentine’s Day is Cancelled!

Valentine’s Day’s been cancelled for today!


ShellieMay the Disney Bear wonders if Duffy will remember Valentine's Day

“I wonder if Duffy is going to do anything about Valentine’s Day!”


Well………… At least until Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

You see…

…………a sheriff in Georgia cancelled Valentine’s Day because of snowy weather.

I say, if the sheriff in Georgia can postpone Valentine’s Day – then so can I!

I mean,……. it wouldn’t be very beary nice for us to celebrate Valentine’s Day if those other people in Georgia have to wait… right?


I, Duffy Bear, hereby declare a postponement of the 2014 Valentine’s Day Holiday for all of us procrastinators until Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

… and just think! All the candy and Valentine’s Day stuff will be on sale after today too!

WhaaaaHooooo!!! Candy!!!!!

I think it’s important to show solidarity and postpone Valentine’s Day here in Florida too! Not just because I was lazy and waited till the last minute……

There’s lots of benefits to delaying Valentine’s Day –

Because the candy, flowers and other gifts will be on sale the day after Valentine’s Day, I’ll be able to get more for ShellieMay – for less!….. Not that I’m cheap or anything…..

It’s just more fun to get more for less!

….. and…… It’s not that I’m not totally prepared for Valentine’s Day…….

Well….. I know that it’s today….. That’s being prepared? Right?

However, I’m not going to argue that point……. When it’s super duffernutter more important to declare this a


The candy and flowers thing is great for Valentine’s Day. Only…. ShellieMay was telling Little Joe that she hoped I would be more creative this year.

Oh.. the pressure!!!

The pressure of figuring out what’s gonna make your girlfriend happy on Valentine’s Day.

I was super DufferCrazy! My cranial stuffing felt like exploding trying to figure out what to do for ShellieMay this year.

The only idea I had was to ask my Facebook friends to give me ideas……. ‘cause I was super duper fresh out of ‘em for this year.

…. And I got good ideas from my friends too! I had decided on the idea from my friend Ker’Dunkedunk to make ShellieMay a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.


I was too busy doing more important bear stuff today to do that silly Valentine’s Day stuff.

Well… actually, I just didn’t feel like doing that romantic thingy stuff tonight. ….

I was chilling out, channel flipping….. (You know, doing that guy stuff with the tv remote.)

And even though the clock was ticking….. And it was getting closer and closer to dinner time. (I know because my stomach speaks to me in it’s very beary own Duffy the Disney Bear tummy language.)

I was just too lazy tonight to make a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

….. And just then……. I saw that wonderful announcement on the snooze about the sheriff in Georgia canceling Valentine’s Day!

And… BING!

That’s when…..

…….That’s when I knew! I knew what to do for Valentine’s Day!

I knew to postpone it!

Now… cross my paws that ShellieMay will buy into it……

…….then I can save that romantic dinner idea for next year!

Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay in…

—– Valentine’s Day 2014 – “The Squirm”—–

Happy Postponed Valentine’s Day!

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Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Dinsey Bear


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