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The Pool Screening Fixer Guy Can Walk on Water?

Thee pool with the ladders are behind Duffy as he exclaims, "Say What?"


He can walk on water???

I was super busy updating and moving my website from Wordpress to WiX, but when mommy cried out,…..

Duffy in front of computer monitor working on web-site

…..“Quick, Duffy! the screen repair contractor can walk on water!”

I swooped up my phone, jumped down from my chair, and high tailed it to see!



Duffy is in front of pool with ladders

He’s not really walking on water!

He just put some kind of a big metal ladder/not ladder thingy across the pool.

Man walking across pool on ladder/not ladder thingy

Actually, it’s pretty cool to see what he was doing.

I really wanted to see if I could walk across the ladder/not ladder thingy and say that I walked on water too!

But I figured it was best not to disturb him.

The tall ladder he put on top of the ladder/not ladder thingy would wiggle and waggle with him high up at the top and it looked pretty dangerous.

Repair man standing on top of the ladder that is sitting on top of the ladder/not ladder thingy

He could be jolted if he saw a little stuffed bear walking across his ladder/not ladder thingy.

Me and mommy didn’t want him to fall into the pool, so I decided not to watch at all or offer an extra set of paws like I normally do with all the contractors that come to help us.

Hey, wait….

I think mommy thinks I’ll believe anything. Yet, well, I guess I did because I took off like lightening to check it out when she said that the pool screen repair contractor was walking on water.

Next time I won’t be so easily fooled!

Well.... Probably not! I’m too curious to not check things out even if stuff does seem kinda crazy!

Hey, you never know….

There really is a 🎅🏼 Santa Clause , so maybe one day, I’ll really see a pool screening repair man walk on water!

Duffy head salutation


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