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Special Treats from TourGuideTed, but for Who?

It’s always exciting to get a package from my buddy, TourGuideTed, especially because they most always have special tasty treats from Ted's home country.

Duffy poses with his gifts and treats

TourGuideTed’s my friend that lives across the big pond in the United Kingdom.

Ted was pretty sneaky this time around because this package was disguised in Amazon Prime packaging. You see, mommy orders stuff from Amazon Prime all the time - so when I saw the package I just thought it was another one of mommy’s boring deliveries. ….

NOTE: anything that’s not for me is boring….

Mommy didn’t open the package right away - not sure why? She just put on her desk and did other stuff.

I was pretty busy when the package showed up too. You know, doing important stuff like learning how to roast marshmallows without burning them for another Teddy Bear Scouts Badge.

But then, the next day I noticed mommy still hadn’t opened the package. I like to just get things done so …… I decided I’d open it and……


What’s this?

I saw my name, ‘Duffy Bear’! .............Like what?

This package is addressed to me! And it’s not from Amazon? It was just sent in stealth mode in recycled Amazon packaging!!!

Well of course, I opened the package super fast and I was duffernutterly not disappointed.

It was like, “Oh, yippeee!!! I got a package from TourGuideTed!!!”

There were lots and lots of special treats from the United Kingdom! Treats we don't have here in the USA.

I posed for a picture with my glorious bounty and thanked Ted on twitter.

Duffy poses with all the gifts and treats from TourGuideTed
Thank you so much Ted! I’m totally gonna munch down on the Shortbread Rounds first!

Of course, Little Joe and ShellieMay decided they wanted to see what was in my package. I let them look at my treats and gifts and pose for a picture too.

Duffy, ShellieMay and Little Joe pose with the treats and gifts.
No way Little Joe isn't going to be left out when there's treats!

ShellieMay was holding a note when she jumped into the picture. I was so sugar and treat deprived, (mommy’s on a diet again....) I didn’t even notice the note when I opened up the package.

ShellieMay shows the note to Duffy
A note??? What does it say ShellieMay?

ShellieMay read the note and then very beary sweetly pointed out that it wasn’t only my name on the note and that the package was from Frank and Theo too. Frank and Theo are Ted's brothers.

Picture of the note from Ted, Theo and Frank
Note? Hummmm.... I just saw the treats - shssssh….. don’t tell Ted!

Oh Duffer-Drats! The note didn’t say what I wanted it to say. I didn't want to believe her that it wasn't only my name on the note. I wanted it to say ‘Dear Duffy’. But as ShellieMay read the note, the very beary first line said, "Duffy, Little Joe and even SM."

ShellieMay shows Duffy and Little Joe a note that was in the package from Ted
ShellieMay held the note up for me to read.

ShellieMay said, ‘See Duffy, even though only your name is on the outside address of the package, Ted sent the treats and gifts to all of us.”

Okay, So this package wasn’t just for me. So it said "Duffy, Little Joe and even SM'.

TourGuideTed was being TourGuideTed and thinking of others. He’s a more mature bear than me and is more well adapted to human life. I still have my animal instincts - I see food - and it’s mine!

But, alas, it’s not all mine. Now I was going to have to share the gifts and treats. And I can’t just share the ones that maybe I don’t like so much because their not all mine anymore. That’s if there are any that I won’t like so much, because I seem to like all my special treats.

Is that good? Is that bad?

Who said mandatory sharing is always good? And is mandatory sharing always bad? okay sounds selfish, yet…..

……well, maybe it isn't even sharing if it isn't all mine?

Me and Little Joe always have snacks together. But he has his snack and I have my snack. We're just snacking at the same time - I don't think that's the same as sharing.

Aaaaannnnybear...... (sorry off track...... again!)

I get that these treats and gifts from Ted, Frank and Theo are not just all mine anymore. They are mine and Little Joe's. So it's not really not sharing my treats because they're not mine. They belong to me and Little Joe to enjoy.

Then ShellieMay said, “You have to share with me too Duffy because my name is also on the note. The gifts and treats are for all three of us.”

Hey wait, I thought I just said all that stuff about sharing and who the gifts and treats belong to in my head?

I still didn't want to believe ShellieMay - so I figured if I put my glasses on to read the note it would just magically say what I wanted it to say.

Duffy, wearing his reading glasses, carefully studies the note with Little Joe leaning over his shoulder
Little Joe leaned over my shoulder, as I put my glasses on to study the note more carefully.

I read the note and quickly replied to ShellieMay, “No their not. The treats weren’t sent to you too. Your name isn't on the note.”

ShellieMay raised her voice a little bit - not usually a good sign…

“Yes it is Duffy! It’s right there! I’m SM”

“No” I said, “it says ‘even SM’ and your name isn’t ‘even SM”.

Both me and Little Joe showed ShellieMay the note.

Duffy and Little Joe both hold up the note for ShellieMay to see again.
Little Joe and I held up the note for ShellieMay to read again

I thought if both of us were holding the note, ShellieMay would see and understand very clearly what it really said. Besides, Little Joe now had a stake in the game. They are his special treats too.

Right now, it's a two way split. But if ShellieMay had her way, it wouldn't be a two way split anymore. It would be a three way split and me and Little Joe would lose control over diving up the booty.

Besides, what is ‘even SM’? I muttered to myself for sure this time silently in my cranial stuffing.

Then I replied, “Well, ShellieMay, I don’t see your name on the note”

“I’m right there! See, I’m ’SM", argued ShellieMay.

“Your name isn’t ’SM’, and it’s definitely not ‘even SM’. Your name is ShellieMay.” I answered back to her.

Nope, something’s up with ShellieMay. She’s always been the good reader in the family explaining everything about everything to everyone when she reads stuff to us.

ShellieMay’s voice was sounding more and more irritated and she came back at me with “Obviously, Ted used my initials on the note Duffy.”

Ugh! Doesn’t she get it? Doesn’t she see it? It’s so plain to see, yet I’m gonna have to go there and explain this to her very clearly..........

“Your initials are SB for ShellieMay Bear. My initials are DB for Duffy Bear, and Little Joe’s initials are LJB for Little Joe Bear."

I continued on very duffer-ticulately.........

"Your name isn’t two words, it’s only one word, so I don’t know who ‘even SM’ could be in this family.”

Whew! That was a mouthful!

ShellieMay wasn’t having it. She jumped right back at me with “Oh, stop being so Duffy,........ Duffy!!!”

The words rang in my cranial stuffing, “Wait? What??? Stop being so Duffy, Duffy?”

Huh? I thought, then I replied, “How can I not be Duffy, if I’m Duffy? I can only be Duffy?”

ShellieMay frustratingly said, “You know what I mean Duffy, your WYSIWYG self!”

“Well, that’s the only self that I am ShellieMay.” I calmly replied, now knowing that the treats would be a two way split and not three.

I don’t think we’re going to solve this today…..

So let’s just enjoy our treats!

Tummy Yummers to you all,

Duffy's salutation image

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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