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Please Twitter Can I Take Back a Tweet?




You see….I shouted out on Twitter to my furry buddy, TourGuideTed, that “It’s here!”

Duffy holds box for TourGuideTed

But then…..

Opppssss….. I shouldn’t have sent that tweet!

‘Cause this tweet got me smusher-snackered duffer-wakered!

I was so excited for Ted.

My most excellent, world traveling, furry friend finally got his very beary firstest ever Disney Annual Pass!….


…and you know what that means….. Disney sends you your very beary own Magical Magic Band!

*Whispers* This is me in ECPOT


So naturally when the box arrived for Ted, I shouted out to him on Twitter….

“Hey Ted! It’s Here!”

Not even a duff-o-nano second later, the three Safari Duffy the Disney Bears that we adopted for TourGuideTed’s Ancient Assistant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Island Mercantile, must have had their Adoption Activation Devices (AADs) tuned-in and all pounced on me!

Duffy gets pounced on by three 12" Safari Duffy Bears

HELP Twitter!!! I need to take back my tweet!


I don’t know how they even knew that there was something in the box for Ted and not me??? I mean, Ted has sent us guys candy and other presents lots and lots. And we get other packages all the time, so I just can’t figure why they even thought that this package on this day was gonna have anything that would make them pounce on it like they did.

I guess they either hacked into my twitter account and read my private direct messages. Humph! (… or it could just be my PAADDM; Paranoid Adoption Activation Device Derangement Malfunction thinking they hacked into my twitter account?)


Hey – or, maybe just maybe… yes! YES! I’m duffernutterly certain that it’s their Adoption Activation Devices (AADs) that pinged to them that there was a Disney Magic Band in the box for their family!!!

Since Ted won’t be visiting from the England until September, we’ve been hosting the Safari bears here in Melly. We adopted them back in April this year, so they’ve been here almost five months now. I think they are losing their British accents hanging around the gang and they are duffernutterly already addicted to American food. I’m a bit worried that they may have some adjustment issues when they unite with their human family.

And yet, since they all knew that the box was for their family, maybe they think that these are their Magic Bands and they are going to Disney with Ted and his family when they visit this September!

Not sure – yet I am duffer-certain that they would love to go back to visit the Animal Kingdom with me and my family and they already know you need your very beary own Magic Band to get into the Disney parks.

Yet, I couldn’t help wondering if Ted’s Assistant D messed up?

Oh, sorries… am I getting kinda duffer-fused, so maybe I’m doing that to all yous guys too!

Let me start at sort of the beginning….

I’m thinking that maybe you’re even wondering why Ted’s Magic Band came to my house in the first place?…. Sure you are…

I guess yous guys already figured out that TourGuideTed is originally from England. However, Ted, being a very successful, debonaire, entrepreneurial travel guide, bought a home here in Florida for his family.

Floating and having fun in the pool at Villa Southern Dunes

I think he’s a very beary special and talented bear to have homes in two places.


Ted doesn’t live in his Florida house as much as Ted and I think he should. So not to miss a minute of Disney magic, Ted had one of his assistants order his Magic Band while he was in his England house to be duffer-certain that his magic band would be here when he comes back in town.

Since Disney doesn’t ship to all international countries….. and that place across the pond, England, is an international country, Ted had his assistant ask if he could ship his Magic Band to my house.

The Sarfari Bears have been with us for months and months now. I’m not sure that they even realize they are going to be moving to Ted’s Ancient Assistant’s house in England.

I hope they don’t think that maybe they’ll be living in at Ted’s house in Florida and getting to go back to Disney lots and lots. That would make them very sad, well, at least at first – Ted has a great life back in England too.

Perhaps the Safari Bears didn’t mean any harm and it’s good that I didn’t take back my tweet. They haven’t been back to Disney and the package was their first contact with their new family.

I made out pretty well too! I didn’t get hurteded all that much – nothing that sugar can’t fix!

Duffy holds a box of Oreo Double Stuf cookies

Yep! It’s a good thing that sugar has special healing magic for stuffies!


Especially when that sugar is in a whole package of Double Stuff Oreo Cookies!

Oreo Cookies! Come and get ’em!


Full Twitter conversation between me and TourGuideTed….

Magic Bands have really magical effects! My Cousins Dutchie-Duffy (@Dutchie_Duffy), from the Netherlands, and Duffy @DuffyBear17, from the West Coast of Florida got excited too!

See yous guys at Disney!

Duffy Bear,

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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