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Awareness Center Open House =’s Free Cookies!

I’ll go anywhere that’s got cookies, especially……

FREE Cookies!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear is strapped into his Car Seat

Zzzzzzzzzzzz….. “What? …. Wait… Did you say FREE COOKIES mommy?”


I’ll tell ya,….. humans really know how to live! live! live!

Mommy took me to a place called the Awareness Center.

When mommy told me we were going to the Awareness Center because they were having an Open House, I was kinda like… well…. Maybe… *…. yawn….*

I still kinda wasn’t all that excited…..

……. Until……..

Mommy said that there would be lots of……

……… stuff……

Including…… (but not limited too….)


You know I’m all in on the Free Cookies!

Mommy also said I could also get my neck fixed up there with a massage.Little Joe and I were pretending our pillow pets were horsies. I fell off my pillow pet and hurteded my neck.

I wasn’t too sure about this massage thing,………Actually, I was kinda scared….. And yet, I was really ready for my neck to stop hurting. The last time I fell and hurt my neck mommy took me to the Chiropractor.

No matter – this time I’d be getting a free cookie!

Hey? What? Mommy said Mommy said the Awareness Center was having an Open House……

“Hey mom! This isn’t a house!”


Well, we didn’t go to a house,…..

….but it was open….

Humans need to be more accurate.

Like me!

I’m a WYSIWYG kinda bear. You know What You See is What You Get!

Life is lots and lots less confusing that way.


………there was lots of tons of free stuff!

……Free stuff to take home!

……Free stuff to eat!

……Free stuff to try!

…. And I could play with all the toys there too without anybody saying anything!!!

I like open houses!

Priority number One …… to the food table for my Free Cookies!

Duffy the Disney Bear helps himself to a free cookies

WhaHoooo!! Some of my favorite words – “help yourself little bear”…. Don’t mind if I do! thanks!


……….Just as I was reaching in to get my free cookie,…………

Miss Dawn, the nice human lady that owns the Awareness Center, told me I could choose a crystal.

(Honestly, they just looked like ordinary rocks to me.)

But then I learned that humans have all kinds of names for rocks. And these rocks were called crystals. Miss Dawn said that I’ll know how to pick the right crystal because, the crystal & you match energies.

Ok, – that sounds kinda weird, but I’ve learned to humor the humans to get free cookies.

Miss Dawn suggested that I close my eyes and pick.

She meant well… but I don’t close my eyes too good…

So I just looked away……

………Put my paw into the basket….

…… And just like Miss Dawn said, the crystal that was right for me jumped into my paw!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear reaches into basket for a Crystal

Wow! The crystal just jumped into my paw!


Neat! So that’s what the energy thing is all about!

Why is this crystal is right for me?,……….. well, I forgot to ask. I’m not even sure what to do with it yet.

I was just about to eat my Free Cookie and…..

I got temporarily sidetracked....... again…

Ok – really mommy?

I’m wanna to eat my free cookie! Do I have to sit on the shelf and pose with my free keychain flashlight?

Duffy the Disney Bear poses with his free keychain flashlight on a shelf

Thank you for my free light up keychain!


I tell ya, sometimes humans think I’m a toy!

Sure I may have started out as a Teddy Bear, but Im not just a Teddy bear anymore! I’m real!

But if yous guys need me to pose with my flashlight keychain, for some free cookies – I’m all there for yous guys!

*Sigh* Ok – one more…..

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a close up photo with the free flashlight keychain

*sigh* Please hurry up! I want to eat my free cookie.


They needed a close up so the humans can read what my flashlight says.

…… “Hey? What’s that over there?

Duffy Disney Bear looks across room

“Hey? Can I play with all those toys on the other side of the room?”


I practically flew off the shelf and ran over to the other side of the room.

Maybe sitting on that shelf getting my picture taken wasn’t so bad after all because that’s when I saw all the neat toys on the other side of  the room.

I was bouncing off the walls trying everything out.

Duffy the Disney Bear finds a drum that’s just his size

This one is just my size!


“What’s this? Miss Dawn” I asked.

“It’s just my size…….”

Miss Dawn told me it was a hand drum.

I was like,…… “A hand drum? You mean a paw drum don’t you?”

“No little bear,” said Miss Dawn. “It’s a special hand drum.”


“……..Do I get o bang on it?

…………And make noise?

……………….and I won’t get in trouble?”

I’m all in on this!

Duffy the Disney Bear bangs on the drum

Drumming is so much fun, I didn’t want to stop! “I don’t wanna work, just wanna bang on the drum all day!” ♬♪♩♬


I was having so much fun Miss Dawn asked me if I got the information packet.

I asked Miss Dawn why I would need an information packet.

She told me that it had information about the drum circles in it.

“Drum Circles?”

“Oh MOMMY! I wanna come back and play in the drum circles! Please?

Miss Dawn said that I have a very beary natural talent for music & rhythm.”

I hurried up back to the other side of the room to get to the basket with the information packet.

Duffy the Disney Bear helps himself to an information packet

Cool! I got another rock & information to remind me about all the stuff for my scrapbook AND THE DRUM CIRCLES!


When I got home, I found a special surprise in the package.

It was another rock!

Only this rock came with a special call card. It said that it was a ‘kyanite‘ rock.

Duffy the Disney bear holds Kyanite Rock

‘Kyanite’ dissipates negative energy. Hey! That’s what teddy bears do for humans. We’re so soft and cuddly, we always help humans feel better and get rid of all their negative garbage!



I stopped by to visit Miss Eileen from the Zen Ranch.

Miss Eileen told me that she could read my paw print.

I was like….

“Hehehehe…. NO way….!

She told me that every paw print is different.

I just couldn’t believe it!

“Every paw print is different? Really?

…..All my cousins – all over the world?

……..All of our paw prints are different?

……….Seriously now, I have lots and lots of cousins all over the world and you’re telling me that my paw print is different from all of their paw prints?”

Miss Eileen said “Yes, every paw print is different and unique.” Then Miss Ellen told me that she could tell me my life porpoise from my paw print!

“I have a porpoise? Whoa….. Super cool!” I started jumping up and down I was so excited to get my porpoise!