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Broccoli – Who Knew?

Oh Boy! The Chinese Buffet!

I like it when my Aunties come to visit because we always go out to eat.

Today we went to Yong Wang’s Chinese Buffet. – It’s one of my favorites.

Duffy the Disney Bear enjoy's his broccoli at the Chinese Buffet

Chinese Buffet’s are the Best!

I picked out everything on my plate all by myself…

– EXCEPT …..

———– “the broccoli”.

I didn’t even want to taste it!


I heard ALL about broccoli. – Everybody hates it!

I couldn’t believe mommy put some broccoli on my plate.


So I told my mommy that it sounds like something chickens eat so they can make their chicken noises!

…..  “broc – broc – broc”.  

……And if I ate that broccoli, I might start to sound like a chicken!

Then mommy told me, that maybe chickens eat lots of broccoli so that they can fly.


……I eat chicken wings so I can fly like a super hero. (No results yet.)

…. Well…..that got me thinking….

So I agreed to at least taste it ……

……and …….

…………I liked it!

I also learned a really good trick today………. If you eat your broccoli………

…. all of it….

…..You’ll get lots of desserts!

Only……. I don’t think I’m going to open up my fortune cookies anymore!

Hey, do you think that all the fortune cookies being in the check folder was a clue about my fortune?

I thought the waiter handed me the check folder because it had all the fortune cookies in it.

You know, I did eat all my broccoli, so now I could have all the fortune cookies too!

Unfortunately, I opened the wrong fortune cookie!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets lots of Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie fortunes really do come true!

Oh, well…..

At least I learned a duffatastic trick today for getting mommy to say yes to letting me eat lots and lots of desserts!

Just eat my broccoli!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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