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Cookie, Duffy's New Friend debuts in Hong Kong Disneyland!

I figure just about everybear by now knows that the very beary firstest ever Duffy the Disney Bear Minnie Mouse crafted came from Tokyo Disney Land in Japan.

Cookie peaks out behind a red curtain with gold fringe
Cookie is on her way to be my very beary new sweet-treats baking friend! She will live in Hong Kong Disney Land!

Actually, to get really picky and specific,

(*whispers* ’cause if I don’t ShellieMay will get mad at me…..)

It was Tokyo Disney Seas – the second Disney park in Japan where Minnie Mouse first made a Duffy Bear for Mickey Mouse to keep him company while he traveled by sea around the world.

Here’s the news release from TDR Explorer about my new friend! Oh – sorry – TDR – well, that means Tokyo Disney Land!

Cookie is the very beary firstest ever new friend for me that is not from Japan. Cookie lives in Hong Kong Disney Land.

Hong Kong Disney Land is in China! That’s so very beary far away. I gotta start saving up my allowance to visit one day.

I’m getting giddy!

I always wanted a puppy – well – ….

Cookie won’t really be my puppy, but she’ll be my puppy doggie friend!

and even super betters….

Cookie is a talented baker!

Cookie mixes up batch of waffles in a blue bowl

Yes, Little Joe is also a very beary talented baker too, but it never hurts to have more than one very beary talented baker in the family because eating tummy yummy sweet treats keeps me healthy.

Vitamin Ch – (Ch stands for chocolate) is very beary important to keep me kind and sweet – (that’s the big secret why stuffies are always so kind, lovable and sweet!)

Just makes sense – sugar is sweet – so when you eat sugar, you are sweet!

So my motto is….

Eat Sweets… Be Sweet!

These pictures are from Magic Post on facebook….

Three photos of CookieAnn

We’re all giddy and excited here!

Little Joe is gathering up all the bears to clean up the kitchen (yuck – more chores) and to inventory all the baking supplies. He wants to be extra sure that Cookie feels welcome!

Even though I really don’t like always doing my chores….

I’m gonna help big time, because I wanna be extra sure that Cookie enjoys baking here in her hopefully *paws crossed*, soon to be new home!

(PLEASE… Mommy…. Adopt Cookie for us!)

Don’t forget to check out TDR Explorer! They posted a really cute teaser video for very beary BIG DEBUT of Cookie!


Duffy head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

P.S. Found this picture on Twitter – don’t know who to credit, but it’s just too cute not to post!

Cookie is Duffy the Disney Bear's new talented baking puppy from Hong Kong Disney Land!

Cookie is my new talented, baking puppy friend from Hong Kong Disney Land!


I just want a Cannoli for Dessert!

Happy Birthday Na Na Na Nana!

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