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Labor Day Surprise! I Get to Do What?

Oh Boy! did I get a Labor Day Surprise………

I was like…….

Yeah! Good news!!

We’re getting a new refrigerator!

Duffy the Disney Bear surfs Best Buy web-site for refrigerator

Wow…… Who knew getting a new tummy yummy food keeper cold and frozen machine

(A.K.A. Refrigerator) would be so much fun!


Bad news… I had to opened up my big stitched mouth and ask mommy if there was anything that I could do to help.

Mommy said “Yes…muhahahaha…..” rubbing her hands together and with an evil grin……

Well.. actually…..she really didn’t have an evil grin on her face or rub her hands together. Mommy really said “Yes Duffy, you can be a big help today” with an enthusiastic appreciative smile.

Only I really should have been suspicious of that smile when Mommy told me to go put on my Home Depot apron.

Instead I got distracted by the pawesomeness of my Home Depot apron and I thought – “cool! This is going to be fun!”

Yet,…… kinda weird…….. Why would I need to put on my Home Depot Apron? Are we building the new refrigerator? I thought we were getting it from Best Buy.

Mr. Tom is remodeling our bathroom and I put on my Home Depot apron when I do cool contractor stuff to help out with work like that……. This isn’t making any sense??? ……….

Besides this is the Labor Day Holiday and Best Buy is having a sale. I thought holidays were all about humans shopping at sales, parties and food, and food, and more food!


Duffy the Disney Bear mops kitchen floor

It’s a miracle this old thing is still working!


When I got back into the kitchen mommy handed me a mop and pail and sent me behind the old refrigerator to clean the dirty, grimy, nasty floor!

#BearAbuse Alert!

Yet,…… I was the one that offered to help…..

The tiles on our kitchen floor are white …….. the tiles under the refrigerator were black! Black and nasty and greasy and YUCKERS!

When I saw the yucky floor I just *gasped*! Mommy said, “Don’t worry Duffy, it will be very easy for you to clean.”

Duffy the Disney Bear mops kitchen floor

Yuck! It’s pretty nasty back in here!


“Hummmm….?” I was thinking, “Yeah, famous last words! Easy? This is a super yucky mess!”

“How could cleaning up this yucky mess be easy!”

Yet, Mommy had a pretty clever trick. (Humans never cease to amaze me!)

Mommy heated up the water in the microwave so it was super hot before putting it into my bucket and she had some special lemony smelling cleaning stuff.

Duffy the Disney Bear mops kitchen floor

I think I deserved a very beary special treat! or two or three!


I hate to admit it,….. yet…. mommy was right… *gulp* Cleaning up the dirt was pretty simple.

At least there was a cool part…….. I liked the playing with the soap bubbles in the bucket with my mop! But I had to be very careful not to put my paw in the water so I didn’t burn my fur.

Actually, I kinda was laughing and smiling when I was cleaning. I was thinking about all the special treats I could ask for from mommy for helping out!

Duffy the Disney Bear mops kitchen floor

“Hey MOM!!! I’M DONE!”


Now….. for my treat! and I think I should get a super, really big special,

scrump-O-*nom*-*nom*inally, duffer-D-lish-E-ous treat!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets Disney Hercules Movie

Apple Turnover and Hercules movie! Pawesome!


Well furiends, I thinks I found the true meaning of Labor Day….

Shopping at sales, parties and good food and more and more good food are the way we celebrate… but that’s after you do your labor! 🙂

Happy Labor Day!

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