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Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick!

I heard mommy shout….


……………………………………………..from across the patio.

……I was like ‘What?’

Cause all I was thinking before I heard mommy shout was that ‘this has gotta work!’

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay…..


I was thinking that my Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick would be lots of fun and work really good because I saw that magician do it the other night on the TV.

…….And since Mickey Mouse is a good magician,…….. and Mickey Mouse is my daddy, I should be a good magician too, right?

Am I right? or am I RIGHT!

Magician’s always have pretty assistants.

I couldn’t think of a prettier assistant than ShellieMay.

So I ran into the house to get ShellieMay to be my pretty assistant.

ShellieMay didn’t think it was a very beary good idea at first. But I reminded ShellieMay that me and Little Joe make her walk the plank all the time when we play Pirates and we never hurt her or nothing. So ShellieMay went along with my Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick idea.

Besides, Contractor Tom seemed to think it was a good idea!

He’s been teaching me all about the fine art of remodeling a bathroom.

Contractor Tom is a Master Craftsman.

He knows all about his tools and I’m duffernutly super positive that Contractor Tom wouldn’t let his apprentice, me – Duffy Bear, do anything with his tools that would hurt anybear.

And besides that, the magician on TV used a real Hitachi Chop Saw for his Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick.

So WYSIWYG me thought that if the TV Magician used a real Hitachi Chop Saw for his magic trick…

…. and there was a real Hitachi Chop Saw on our patio….

……..then I could use the real Hitachi Chop Saw for my magic trick with ShellieMay!

Well….. I guess I wasn’t right ’cause mommy wouldn’t have shouted for me to stop.

Sitting in time out for what seems like the rest of eternity,

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Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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