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Home Depot… It’s Pickup Day!

“I’m all ready to go mommy!”

I got super excited about the bathroom project.

The dufferfabearlosoest part?

……Going to Home Depot !

Duffy is in the car with his seat belt buckled up and ready to go to Home Depot

Whoooo Hooooo! We’re going to the Home Depot!


Mommy wasn’t all that happy about it all. She liked the shower and tub the way it was already. Only we had to change it because we got a big water leak behind the wall.

I got really super scared about the water leak. I thought that me and Little Joe were at fault for making the water leak out of the walls and messing up the floor.

Me and Little Joe had a yearning to go sailing around the world with Mickey Mouse. So we tried to build a practice ship in the bathtub. We spilt lots and lots of water when we pretended that there was a big storm at sea.

Today…… today we’re going to Home Depot!

Mommy and I already shopped at the Home Depot store to pick out the tiles and other supplies to fix the bathroom.

Today we were going back to pick everything up so that I can start the tile work and set the new bathtub. Well… at least so I can help with all the tile work and setting in the new bathtub…. 🙂

I was pretty anxious to get started. I ran out to the car and slipped myself into the human restraining device (a.k.a. seatbelt) before mommy was even ready to leave the house.

Mommy just couldn’t drive fast enough for me today. We got stuck at every red light on the way too! Humph!

Finally… we got to Home Depot. I slipped out of the car seat’s human restraining device and jumped up to get a better look out the window.

“I see it! I see it!”


Duffy jumped up and is looking out the window very excited to see the store

Look! Were almost there!


It’s the Contractor’s Pick-Up spot at Home Depot!

Contractor pick up area of the Home Depot

This is a very special day for me! I’ve been dreaming about going to Home Depot’s Contractor Pick-Up for a super long time!


Nopers,…… me and mommy aren’t contractors. Yet, that’s where I wanted to pick up our supplies. It’s also shady. Anywhere you can get shade is Florida is a GOOD THING!

Next…… Me and mommy had to stop by the Home Depot’s Customer Service spot.

Duffy the Disney Bear at Home Depot's Customer Service Desk wearing his sun glasses

“More saving. More doing.” And I like’s saving and doing!


I showed the Customer Service Home Depot Associate our shopping receipt. I told her that we were here to pick up our stuff so I could start tiling my bathroom.

She was really super duper impressed that a little bear like myself was going to do a home fixer upper pawject!

Duffy is chatting with the Service Desk Associate

“Hello Home Depot Customer Service Associate! My name is Duffy Bear and I’m here to pick up all my cool stuff to fix the bathroom!”


She told me to wait right there….


Fur what I thought….


I need to get a moving and a grooving and pick up our stuff.

It was feeling like furever and furever and furever and furever and furever and furever and furever to pick up all the cool stuff!

More waiting…. How do grown ups do it? …

…..All the waiting that is…

I just kept thinking to myself … ‘wait right here for what? I’m here to get my supplies for my project…’

Whoa……. My eyes got super wide!

“OMB!”, I said. “This is Super Duffertastic!”

I’m super glad I waited! She came back with the bestest super special fabearlous present for me….

…..An awesome pawesome honest to real life official Home Depot Sales Associate Apron!

Home Depot Tile Pick Up _ DSC00486

I’m gonna be one of the team too!


How did I get so lucky?!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear Home Depot Sales Associates Aprong

I’m official!


I was duffafunnertastically energized!

I jumped off the counter and raced to get a big orange cart for our supplies.

I started pushing the big orange cart, but… well… it wasn’t too heavy or nothing… but it was too tall for me to see over.

There were lots and lots customers in the store. Mommy said that they might not see me and get spooked if they thought the cart was moving all by itself.

That might not be good for the Home Depot if customers thought that a ghost or something was moving the cart. They might think that the Home Depot was haunted. Some of them might run out screaming or something! That probably wouldn’t be too good for business…..

But then something even better happened….

— Poof !!!

Like magic, Home Depot Sales Associate Mr. Ken appeared! He helped me get all my supplies and push the cart out to our car.

Duffy the Disney Bear Pushes Big Orange Cart at with Home Depot Associate

“I still wanna help push the big orange cart Mr. Ken.”


I still wanted to help. After all, pushing the big orange cart is fun and I was wearing an Official Home Depot Associates Apron!

Duffy the Disney Bear helps push orange cart at Home Depot

“Why are we stopping?”


Me and Mr. Ken pushed the bit orange cart outside while mommy moved the car underneath the Contractor’s pick up cover. (A.K.A. ‘the awning’) I prefer to say ‘pick up cover’ the because ever time I say awing, it makes me think like I’m yawning and then I seem to get sleepy… go figure…

I opened up the trunk and Mr. Ken started packing everything up into it.

Duffy the Disney Bear help pack car at Home Depot

I turned around and Mr. Ken was already packing the trunk!


Before I could jump back down to the big orange cart, Mr. Ken started packing up the trunk.

I hustled myself back down to the big orange cart and started lifting the supplies to hand them off to Mr. Ken to help him out.

Did I mention that my favorite color is orange? That why I like to keep saying ‘big orange cart’ over and over and over and over again… and again and again and again.

I went right for the super large round bucket with the ’tile sticking to the wall’ goop inside.

Home Depot Tile Pick Up _ DSC00489

“How’s about this one next Mr. Ken?”


Mr. Ken was super fast!

I didn’t want to miss any of the lifting and packing fun so I jumped back into the trunk and let Mr. Ken pass the boxes to me.

Duffy the Disney Bear helps pack car trunk at the Home Depot

"Just pass the tiles to me Mr. Ken.”


Besides when I saw Mr. Ken reaching way back into the trunk of the car to fit all the supplies, I figured I would be a bigger help if I got into the trunk. I’m just the right size to move everything around real good and get it all to fits just right!

Me and Mr. Ken made a great team! We got the car packed up dufferteeSplits!

I thanked Mr. Ken for helping us and then told mommy to step on the pedal and get it down to the medal ’cause this little bear was ready to get his paws dirty!


Duffy in his Home Depot apron - salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear





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