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Duffy Goes to Walmart!

Me & Mommy are about to go to Walmart! hay Eee!

I got dressed really early this morning, because if mommy went out, I wanted to be ready to go.

I haven’t been shopping with mommy in a while, and I like going to Walmart. It’s super fun. They got everything there.

I’m going to see if I can get mommy to get me something special today.

Hey!!! mom!!! – this isn’t Walmart. — This is the bank. I don’t want to go to the bank. We’re going to Walmart. Please, please is it going to take long mom? Huh?

Wow! Going to the bank isn’t bad at all. — We were in and out really fast.

That’s because mommy had the wrong paperwork. Anyway the really cool part was,…….look, see, I got a lollipop. I think I’m going to like going to the bank a whole lot more. Hey mommy, can I have it now please? please, I’ll be good.

Yeah! We’re here. Mommy hurry up and park the car. — In the shade please. Because it’s, it’s hot in Florida.

— I’ll get it.

Mommy can I have this please- please? I’ll take either one or both, please?

Mommy’s voice, “Sweetie, that’s bubble bath in there. We’ll find you something else with Cars on it. Okay?”

*sigh* "Awwwww, I’ll put it back."

Mom stop here. Can I get the Cars stickers please. there near the tinker bell ones , grandmommy likes Tinker Bell, But can I have the Cars?

Mommy, “Okay, Duffy, I’ll get those for you today.”

Duffy, “Thank you.

Let’s all go to Walmart!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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