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Duffy the Disney Bear and his New Best Friend and Little Brother

This is my new best friend. I call him Little Joe. Little Joe is a Duffy the Disney Bear just like me.

Duffy & his new Best Friend, Little Joe

Me & Little Joe eating our first Publix Cookies!

Mommy and I went the Disney’s Character Warehouse store in Orlando with Auntie Cee. As soon as we entered the store, I headed right over to get myself a Cars toy. I passed by a group of my Duffy the Disney Bear friends along the way and I decided to stop to do some Adoption Counseling first before I picked out my toy.

I never thought that we would be adopting a new member into our family that night, but when one’s Adoption Activation Device (AAD) pings it’s time to be adopted.

Little Joe knew he was meant to join our family. Mommy and I were at the same store about three hours earlier and Little Joe’s device fully activated when me and mommy walked into the store. Only Little Joe said he was still in the back of the store! It was National Ear Hat Day and the cast member that was programmed to put Little Joe out on the display that hour for us to adopt was delayed by the other guests shopping in the store. He said that he felt terribly lonely and afraid when he realized that we left the store without him.

Little Joe got himself to calm down and focus on how to get adopted by me and mommy. He was certain that he was supposed to have gone home with us. He told me that because his heart already connected to me and mommy he was able to tap into the early protocols on the Adoption Activation Device (AAD) chip and pull me and mommy back into the store.

While he was waiting for the moment we would return to adopt him, he cleverly maneuvered himself behind the other Duffy’s and activated the Duff-OM-Meter Shield (DOMMS) until he could draw us back into the store. Now I know why mommy was getting obsessed about returning to the Disney Character Warehouse on International Drive and not the one on Vineland Avenue in Orlando. Of course I didn’t mind at all, I love shopping at Disney Stores!

Obviously, something wasn’t correctly synchronized with his device. I know how that feels. I had problems with my Adoption Activation Device (AAD) too! But that’s probably why I knew – that I knew – that I knew – that I knew – that as soon as I saw Little Joe he was super meant to be in our family!

When we got Little Joe back to our time share, I lent him a pair of my pajamas. My clothes are really big on him. We kept laughing super hard because Little Joe’s pajama bottoms kept falling down when we were jumping around and playing with my toys on the bed.

We could hear mommy say, “Duffy and Duffy, please be careful not to fall off the bed.”

I was a little confused. I wasn’t sure which one of us mommy was calling out to first. I always thought that a Duffy the Disney Bear would just be called ‘Duffy’ because the Adoption Activation Device Duffy Name Frequency Chip (AADDNFC) would allow each Duffy to be called Duffy. I even told mommy that’s how the Name Frequency Chip worked.

Yet, over the next day or two the more I heard both of us being called Duffy I started to feel like I was losing my identity and my paranoidal tendencies from my Adoption Activation Device’s early activation protocol processes malfunctioning were starting to return.

Even mommy said that she was surprised when it didn’t feel right to call both of us Duffy. Mommy asked Little Joe his name, and he told her he knew he was a Duffy Bear. … but he also seemed a little bit uncertain that being called Duffy was the perfect fit for him.

Then a day or two later, out of the blue I just called him Little Joe and the name FIT! Little Joe’s smile grew larger and larger.

He said as soon as I called him Little Joe another chip in his Adoption Activation Device (AAD) started to vibrate and feel very warm before it pinged into lock mode. He said that he felt like he now had his own very special identity.

What we finally realized is that Little Joe’s real name IS ‘Duffy’ just like me, yet his special name is ‘Little Joe’!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear



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