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Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet Pal – Part 1, The Adoption

Leaping Lizard’s Gizzards!

We’re getting

Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet Pals!


You see….. I got a text from my Cousin Duffy in Canada…..

Duffy receives an iMessage text from his Canadian Cousin Duffy about being a Pillow Pet
I was very beary super excited to use my AAD (Adoption Activation Device) to get Canadian Cousin Duffy his pillow pet. This will be my beary firstest official brokered adoption.

…..He asked me if me if I knew that I was a pillow….

….(hehehe – Canadian Cousin was just being silly… )

….But I was like……. “Yeppers!”…..

I had just found out about the new, fluffy-wuffy, snugly-wugly Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet Pal myself.

My Santie Bell Cousin Duffy, he lives on the other side of Florida, texted me a few days earlier….

Duffy the Disney Bear receives an iMessage text from Cousin Duffy that the Pillow Pet is in Paris!
We’re a Pillow Pet in Paris!

… and… a yup!, that’s what the text message said….Paris!

…………Ooh La La! Disneyland Paris in on my Bucket-list!!!!!

Santie Bell Cousin was super duper excited!

He was anxious for the Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet’s arrival at Walt Disney World here in Florida because he wanted one really, really, really dufferenutter badly.

As soon as he found out that the pillow pet was here in Florida, my Canadian Cousin Duffy was eager to adopt a Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet.

Duffy Bear and Canadian Cousin Duffy Magic Kingdom in front of Rapunzel's Tower

Me and Canadian Cousin Duffy. He’s got a very beary swabe and debearnaire style.

Me and Little Joe just had to have a snugly-wugly Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pets too.

We both jumped up and down begging mommy and shouting out together,

“Please! Please! Mommy….”

“Please get us snugly-wugly Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pets!”

We told mommy that the Pillow Pets would make great pals for our popcorn movie watching nights,…..

huddling up with on camp outs,…..

………even pretending they are horsies to ride!

We… kept going on and on and on….

….on and on and on …

…………on and on and on…

………………….on and on and on…

………………………..and on and on and on and on!

….with everything our imaginations came up with why we really, really had to have Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow pets too!

After all, Figment did a disneytastic good job of teaching us about using our imaginations!

Yet, mommy acted like she wasn’t going to have any of it!

So Little Joe got down to it and got very beary creative with his begging.

…….Movie Nights!

Little Joe & his Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet watch movies

Movie nights are much, much more funner with a Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet!

…….Camping Out!

Little Joe & his Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet Camping Out

Camping out is more snugly with a Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet!

…….Playing Cowboys in our Woody from Toy Story Costumes!

Duffy the Disney Bear riding his Pillow Pet like a Horse with Little Joe watching

Giddy up Pillow Pet! We’re going to the big Barn Raising Barbecue!

Yeah! Finally!!!

After hours and hours of pleading and begging….. ……..and Little Joe’s great graphics arts talent—-

— mommy finally said the most magic word in the human language…


Mommy said “YES!”

“Yes, little bears, you can have your pillow pets.”

By the tone in mommy’s voice we could tell that she was just worn down. We learned this trick from Miss Owner! Thanks Miss Owner!

Now for my next trick,……

…….getting mommy over to Disney ABSAP (As Beary Soon As Possible) to adopt the Duff-O-Wonderful-O-Tastic Pillow Pets!!!

We hadn’t been to Disney in weeks and weeks. Well… it felt like weeks & weeks…

Mommy was starting to get the jitters from HDWS (Human Disney Withdrawal Syndrome).

I think I inherited the HDWS from mommy. The only cure is getting mommy to Disney on a regular basis. It keeps her funner & happier!

Mommy lets me help with all of the adoptions now. I just tell her which ones are pinging through my AAD.

She knows how very beary hard I’ve been working to perfect tuning-in and transmitting from my AAD (Adoption Activation Device) to the Duffy Bears all over the world.

I’ve also connected my AAD through my mommy’s DDBHAF (Duffy the Disney Bear Human Adoption Frequencies).

Every beary now and then I try to sneak a few adoptions through –

I attempted one adoption at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom one day……….

Duffy the Disney Bear in Magic Kingdom Emporium with a 9" Halloween Duffy Bear

I thought I could outsmart mommy. NOT! ….”Hey Mommy! This little guy needs to come home with us!… Please…..!!!”

—–> No luck!

And two more in the Animal Kingdom one day……..

Duffy the Disney Bear in Animal Kingdom with a 9" Halloween Duffy Bear

I tried again another day to outsmart mommy with an adoption… still no luck!

“Mommy, Mommy! Halloween Duffy’s AAD (Adoption Activation Device) just pinged! Can we adopt him and bring him home? Please?”

Duffy the Disney Bear in Animal Kingdom with a 9" Halloween Duffy Bear

One more shot…. “Mommy, just look at these little guys. They need a good home.. just like ours!”

 I still struck out! 

…..Oh, well. It’s always worth a try.

One day I’ll figure out how to completely override mommy’s IHHPD (Internal Human Homing Pinging Device)

A.K.A. The HH or Human Heart ❤️……..

(that’s how human’s know you’re the right Duffy Bear for them to adopt!)

I’m not a giver upper, so I’ll figure out the IHHPD overrides work one day…


……It was Tuesday, the day we were going to Disney to adopt the Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet Pals.

It was a big day and I had lots of plans.

We started out at the Magic Kingdom.

As soon as we stepped onto Main Street, I felt a very beary strong AAD ping coming from the Emporium.

I ran towards the Emporium, but my WYSIWYG, detoured me to take a picture with this awesome pawesome group of transportation Disney Cast Members.

Duffy the Disney Bear photo op with a big group of Disney Transportation Cast Members

WhaHooooooo! I caught up with this big group of Transportation Cast Members for my Cast Member Picture Collection

Right afterwards…. I raced straight over to the Emporium’s DDBTHDU (Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit).

There were lot’s of adorable new Duffy the Disney Bear Puppets smiling at me to be adopted, but….

Magic Kingdom Emporium basket full of Duffy the Disney Bear 10" Puppets

I found these new cute little Duffy Bear Puppets, but no Pillow pets. I promised Cousin his Pillow Pet!

but… NO Pillow Pets!


My AAD has never been wrong!

Could I have miscalculated the strength and triangulation of the original RFDIAS (Radio Frequency Duffy Identifier Adoption Signals) that were transmitted from my AAD for my Canadian Cousin pillow pet adoption?

I asked a Cast Member …

……then another… then another…. and….

The Pillow Pets were in the store!

I knew it! I knew it!


They were just being very pillow pet pillowee and were still lounging around in the DDBTAADDFASL (Duffy the Disney Bear Transitional Adoption Activation Device Delivery Frequency Adjustment Storage Location).

The cast member brought out a whole armful of Pillow pets…

But… no pings!


Not a single one of those pillow pet’s AADRPFCs (Adoption Activation Device Reciprocator Ping Frequency Chip’s locked onto my AADAPFMDLBR (Adoption Activation Device’s Adoption Ping Frequency MultiDynamic-Logic Board Receptor).

I got a big nervous – but only for a short second because more snugly soft pillow pets arrived in the arms of another cast member!


My AADAPFMDLBR pinged from two of the pillow pets!!!

One for me and one for Canadian Cousin Duffy.

Adopting Canadian Cousin Duffy’s Pillow Pet was kinda neat! I felt the fur on the top of my head straighten up and start to tingle. The tingle flowed down my arms like a wave all the way to the tips of my paws. Guiding my paws to Canadian Cousin’s Pillow Pet.

When I adopt for our family the tingling sensations start at the tip of my paws – run up my arms— circles around my head and into the center of my stuffing fibers – right to the spot where humans keep their hearts.

Then once my heart spot warms up and I greet our new adoptee, the warm tingle rushes down to the tips of my footie paws. At the moment when my whole stuffy body is tingling, the other Duffy’s at home know that we’ve adopted and they get ready to welcome the new member to our family.

……Yet, I was a bit confused.

Something seemed a bit strange during the adoption.

I can get fuzzy-stuffy brained at the parks because I just have to run everywhere and do everything when I’m at Disney.

I get even more super excited and happy when we adopt. So I made a special effort to tune my AAD (Adoption Activation Device) to my Canadian Cousin Duffy’s frequency a few days before we went.

I needed to make certain that in my eagerness to be in the parks and to adopt my very beary own Pillow Pet, that I didn’t accidentally adopt the wrong Pillow Pet for him.

My AAD, no surprise,……. pinged for a warm weather Florida pillow pet for me, and, well….. it was kinda strange,….. but my AAD was locked onto a cold weather northern pillow pet for our Canadian Cousin Duffy???

I just couldn’t understand why my AAD pinged and locked onto a cold weather northern pillow pet for Canadian Cousin Duffy???

I was so very beary careful when I sent out the AADRFDIS (Adoption Activation Device Radio Frequency Duffy Identifier Signals).

I started to doubt my AAD again, yet… as I moved away from the cold weather northern pillow pet, my signal got weaker and weaker.

So – I trusted my AAD.

On our way to the ACER (Adoption Certificate Exchange Register)……

I got side tracked……….

I thought I heard my Auntie Maria asks me something…..

Duffy the Disney Bear in the Magic Kingdom Emporium with Stitch

“What’s that Auntie Maria? Did you ask me something?”

….I turned around and there was Stitch!

Duffy the Disney Bear in the Magic Kingdom Emporium with Stitch

I had a little chat with Stitch in Tantalog, his preferred language.

Mommy finalized the adoptions and got the Adoption Certificates while I showed off my intergalactic federation language skills to Miss Fay and my Auntie Maria.

Duffy the Disney Bear in the Magic Kingdom Emporium with Stitch

Look! Look at Miss Fay’s face! She was beary impressed with my knowledge of Tantalog.

Even though I got WYSIWYG again during the adoption, and I didn’t get any adoption photos – 🙁

…. I was glad that I got to have chat with Stitch.

Little Joe’s Pillow Pet wasn’t at the Emporium. I immediately sent out an AADDDBBASP (Adoption Activation Device Duffy the Disney Bear Brokered Adoption Search Ping) throughout the whole Walt Disney World Resort. I quickly received an AADCP (Adoption Activation Device Confirmation Ping) that Little Joe’s Pillow Pet was on a DDBTHDU (Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit) in one of the other three parks.

I sent out another ADDDBBASP (Adoption Activation Device Duffy the Disney Bear Brokered Adoption Search Ping). These pings went to EPCOT, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom. The responses came back very beary instantaneously.

Little Joe’s Pillow Pet was at The Duffy Store in EPCOT!

The EPCOT park humans like to call ‘The Duffy Store’ ‘Disney Traders’, but all us Duffy Bears know better.

Well…… off we went with the rest of our day.

And what a day it was!

After the Celebrate a Dreams Come True Parade,……..

We park hopped straight over on Grandpa Disney’s Monorail to EPCOT to wish Big Duffy the Disney Bear his Happy Three Year Annibearsary!

Yes, I know Big Duffy the Disney Bear’s Annibearsary is officially on October 14, but we couldn’t go that day.

…. And also very beary important…

Adopt Little Joe’s Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet!

Just a few stops….

Like, I always just gosta take a picture with the Big Golf Ball!

Duffy the Disney Bear takes his picture in front of Spaceship Earth in EPCOT

Ok Little Joe – we’ve park hopped over to EPCOT to adopt your Pillow Pet!

…..and then….

…………Guest Relations……

They gots all kinds of cool buttons.

Today we had to pick up Big Duffy Bear’s Anniversary Buttons.

I guess because we were a few days early, they didn’t have them yet. So Jaq helped me to make a few corrections on the buttons.

Duffy the Disney Bear gets an Anniversary Button at Guest Relations in EPCOT

Jaq from Guest Relations was totally cool and helped me make our Duffy the Disney Bear Happy Third Year Annibearsary Buttons!

We did pretty good!…….

Duffy the Disney Bear Third Year Anniversary Button

Here’s a close up of our Annibearsary Buttons!


That was easy and fast!

Little Joe’s Pillow Pet practically jumped off the DDBTHDU (Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit) when we entered the Duffy Store. <- A.k.A. Disney Traders

Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit

Yeah! Lots and Lots of Pillow Pets are here to be adopted! And the Elf outfit I want too!

Can you guess which Pillow Pet was eager to be adopted?

Duffy the Disney Bear Temporary Home Display Unit

Little Joe’s pillow pet could hardly wait to jump off the shelf to be adopted. I wonder if Little Joe’s learned how to use his AAD to signal a third party adoption?

Lickety splits……


…….after we adopted Little Joe’s Pillow Pet……..

I zipped zapped over to visit Big Duffy the Disney Bear!

Duffy poses with Duffy the Disney Bear in his Halloween Costume

I never miss saying hello to the super mostest cuddly hugily DufferMostTastic Bear!

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! It’s starting to rain!!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear jumps into the bag to get out of the rain

On our way inside the Food and Wine Festival Pavilion it started to rain, I did my best to get my Rain Protector Stuff, but mommy got us inside very quickly.

That was close!

I don’t like getting my fur wet.

Ghiradelli gives out FREE Chocoalte!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a free Ghirardelli Chocolate Sample

One of my favorites! Milk & Caramel Squares.. and even more tastier, ’cause they’re free!

When we were leaving the Festival Center, mommy asked what Auntie Maria and me what we would like to do next.

I was too busy eating my tummy yummy Ghiradelli Chocolate Square to even think about what I would like to do next.

Then, all of a sudden, I noticed that we were going in the direction of the front of the park…..

I spurted out very quickly…

“Hey… Wait? What’s happening here?

…..Which way are you going mommy? Don’t we need to go back to the World Showcase?

….I thought we were going to bring Canadian Cousin Duffy his Pillow Pet?”

I don’t think mommy heard me because my Auntie Maria and mommy were talking about how much my grandmommy enjoyed watching Tinker Bell fly from Cinderella’s Castle during Wishes Nighttime Spectacular.

As soon as I heard ‘Wishes’ I forgot about everything else.

And I was eager to park hop back to the Magic Kingdom.

They don’t call it Wishes Nighttime Spectacular for nothing!

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular Fireworks flair over Cinderella's Castle

They don’t call it Wishes Nighttime Spectacular for nothing!

I did my best to get pictures of all my adventures but my photographer thinks just because we’ve been to Disney several times that she doesn’t need to make snap shots of everything we do – cause we’ve done the stuff before!

Oh, well… I guess I get eager to go on a ride or do stuff to that I forget to stop and take more pictures too.


It was an another Duffadoodletastic Day at Disney!

…. And even though I was very beary tired, I still don’t like leaving Disney.

Yet, soon enough after Wishes mommy was headed to the Ferry Boat.

We got into the car and….I was snuggled into my car seat when…..

“Noooooooooo! — 

—–Mommy stop!”

“We gotta go…… back….. to…… C a  n  a   d aaaaa…..

………Z Z Z z  z   z    z    z    z    z    z………….

To be continued….


Duffy Bear head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.k.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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