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Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet – Part 2, Packing Day

“Hurry up Little Joe and help me get the packing tape! It’s time to pack up Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy the Disney Bear to ship to Canada!”

Pillow Pet Duffy Disney Bear and Little Joe read Dairy Queen coupon book

“Look Canadian Pillow Pet Duffy, I’m gonna take Springtime May to Dairy Queen for our first outing.”

When I shouted for his help, Little Joe was busy making plans to take Springtime May on their very first outing together.

Little Joe thought he would introduce Springtime May to some scrumpdillyishie, lipsmacking, pawlicking American Dairy Queen Ice Cream.

But I needed help from my little brother and bestest buddy to pack up Canadian Cousin Pillow Pet Duffy.

Actually…. Before the packing stuff started…..

There was kinda sorta an issue with this whole “why we didn’t deliver Canadian Cousin’s Pillow Pet Duffy to him when we were in ECPOT that day.”

I got very beary confused about that …….

I was super sure we were going to deliver him to his new home when we got to EPCOT.

You see – when you go to EPCOT, Canada is the first country on the right in the World Showcase.

Canada is located right before the United Kingdom where my twitter friend @TourGuideTed lives.

Duffy the Disney Bear hugs Duffy Bear at EPCOT

“You’re the bestest hugger in the universe Duffy!”


Yet, after we adopted Little Joe’s Pillow Pet, I ran over to get the bestest hug in all the universe from the master of Duffy hugs himself……..

Then ONE……

The ONLY……..

The Beary Bestest Big Duffy the Disney Bear!

I get soo soooo sooooooo excited when I visit the Bestest DufferHugger that everything else just falls right out of my cranial stuffing!

That night when mommy tucked me into my booster seat in the car, she got out my pillow pet for me to snuggle up with on the way home. I saw Canadian Cousin’s Pillow Pet and started to say something. Yet I was so tired and I fell right to sleep in mid-sentence.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I was able to ask mommy why we didn’t bring Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy to Auntie Anndie and Canadian Cousin Duffy in Canada when we were in EPCOT.

Little Joe overheard me and mommy talking. He ran into the dining room and started jumping up and down insisting that Canada was the first country on the right when you enter the World Show Case!

Me and Little Joe are in Canada together. It was his first trip to Disney ever!


Little Joe said he knew that for a fact because EPCOT was the beary first park that we took him too.

Little Joe said he’d never forget his first visit to Canada.

Little Joe even got out the picture of me and him we took on his very beary first visit to Grandpa Disney’s.

Little Joe was so determined!

He was absolutely twelve inch Duffy the Disney Bear furry certain that we needed to go back to EPCOT to deliver our Pillow Pet Cousin.

So Little Joe climbed all the way up the shelves to get the EPCOT map out.

Duffy Disney Bear gets out WDW EPCOT map

Little Joe climbed up the book shelves to get the map of EPCOT.


Nothing ever stops Little Joe!

Duffy Disney Bear reads the EPCOT map

“DUFFY” Little Joe shouted, “I got the map of Canada!”


Little Joe brought the map of EPCOT into the dining room for me and him to look at the map together.

Duffy the Disney Bear reads the EPCOT map

“Yeppers, there it is! First country to the right!”


And yeppers! There it is!!!

Canada is right there in EPCOT!

Little Joe said that he’d come with me to EPCOT this time to make sure that Canadian Cousin Duffy’s Pillow Pet got delivered.

Before showing the map to mommy, Little Joe decided to do some of his computer magic with the EPCOT map.

[Click your paw on the pictures for Captions & Bigger Pictures!]

Mommy giggled and told me and Little Joe to research Canada on my computer.

We googled Canada……



Duffy the Disney Bear googles map of Canada

“No WAY! There can’t be a second Canada!!!”


There’s another Canada???

Gee I didn’t know there was a second Canada!

Whoa! …. And ……. This Canada is much bigger.

This Canada actually sits on top of the USA…. (The USA must be very strong not to feel squished up, ’cause Canada is really big!)

OH—so this is the Canada where Miss Anndie and Canadian Cousin Duffy live.

I guess they got that second Canada after Grandpa Disney made Canada in EPCOT. They liked Grandpa Disney’s Canada so much they found all that space over the USA and made a bigger Canada up north.

Yeppers! I bets that’s how it happened! What else could it be???

HEY…. I get it NOW!…

This Canada is up north where the weather is super much colder than Florida.

That’s why my AAD (Adoption Activation Device) pinged for a cold weather norther bear!

And why my Canadian Cousin Duffy couldn’t come to adopt his own Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet! He doesn’t live in the Canada in EPCOT, he lives in the big country Canada that’s north of the United States.

With that settled,………

it was time to pack Canadian Pillow Pet Duffy!

First we had to get the packing tape. It was in the garage. I think the garage a silly place to keep packing tape.

Duffy Disney Bear gets packing tape from garage

“Yep, that’s the one Little Joe, pass it to me please.”


Little Joe and I were busy getting out the box while ShellieMay, Fred, and Tweedleduff came out to give Canadian Pillow Pet some final hugs goodbye.

Duffy Disney Bear hugs Canadian Pillow Pet goodbye

Everyone gathered around to say good bye to Canada Pillow Pet Duffy. It’s beary very sad to pack up a Duffy the Disney Bear friend.


Springtime May came running into the dining room as fast as she could to give Canadian Pillow Pet Duffy more good bye hugs too!

ShellieMay rushes in to say goodbye to Pillow Pet Duffy the Disney Bear.

Springtime May joined us to say good bye to you Canadian Pillow Pet Duffy.


We didn’t ask Canadian Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy if he had another name or give him a name because that would make it harder to send him off to his real home far far away up north.

We all felt sad that Cousin Pillow Pet Duffy was leaving and didn’t want him to feel scared to go on the long trip all by himself.

When Fred and Tweedleduff were helping me to tape up the box, we realized that Canadian Pillow Pet Duffy was going to be all alone for the firstest time ever……..

….. in a dark box ……!!!!!

Fred & Duffy the Disney Bear tape up the box

“Thanks Fred!, this tape is kinda hard to manage.”


….. And…….

Mommy also told us NOT to put in any air holes in the box either!

No air holes!

I had a brief moment of panic until I remembered all about the magic of the SDPPDPP (Special Disney Plushie Protective Decorated Plastic Packaging).

There’s a special magic in SDPPDPP. It’s got a unique patented relaxation memory forgetting sleeping liner that is activated when a Stuffie’s fur rubs up against it.

When a stuffie, plushie, or doll is put into the SDPPDPP, they fall right to sleep……kinda like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. Only they don’t fall asleep because of any poison spinning wheels or apples – just a patented relaxation memory forgetting sleeping liner.

Then when their new owner takes them out of the SDPPDPP and gives them a hug, they wake up again! That way they don’t get scared or lonely while they are traveling.

Little Joe and I said our goodbyes to Canadian Cousin Pillow Pet Duffy and helped him into the SDPPDPP (Special Disney Protection Plushie Protective Decorative Plastic Packaging).

Duffy and Little Joe give Canadian Pillow Pet hugs goodbye

“Bye new Cousin! Me and Little Joe will make sure you have a safe trip to your new family.”


Then Little Joe & I put him into a special second bag to make sure that he’d be extra safe.

ShellieMay thought it might be nice if we all sent Canadian Pillow Pet Duffy off with a special message.

So ShellieMay and Springtime May got busy making on a card for Canadian Cousin Pillow Pet Duffy.

[Click your paw on the tumbnails…. please….] #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

The girls decided to put the card in the box. They thought it would be a nice surprise for Pillow Pet Duffy to open up when he got to his new home in Canada.

ShellieMay helps with packing the box

ShellieMay and SpringTime May insisted on placing the card in the box themselves.


We thought it would be nice for Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy to have the card and when he read it he would know that we loved him very much….—- and he would never forget that he is part of our family too.

Even though Pillow Pet Duffy was all smooched and scrunched up fast asleep in the DTDBTB (Duffy the Disney Bear Travel Box), I insisted on going to the post office with mommy.

On the way to the Post Office I tweeted to Canadian Cousin Duffy, @itsduffybear, to let him know his Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet was on the way!

Duffy the Disney Bear travels to post office tweeting with his friends

@itsduffybear… hey cousin! I’m at the post office! Your pillow pet is on the way!


@Bear_Edward, A.K.A. ImAstuffedPandaBear, another one of my twitter friends from Canada, saw my tweet and warned me to be very careful at the post office! He said that you can be put into a box and get shipped away!


I gots a good family and I’m gonna keep them – so I’ll waited in the car.

I thought my mommy was just being paranoid. After all, she’s taken me into the post office other times. But when @Bear_Edward mentioned how dangerous going into the post office could be, I remembered that mommy had stopped taking me with her to the post office lately.

She said that because Pillow Pet Duffy was so very beary important to all of us, she let me go along with her this time.

I helped mommy get the Pillow Pet Duffy’s package out of the car. It’s a big box, but I’m really strong.

Duffy the Disney Bear gets box out of car at Post Office

“No mommy! I wanna do it all by myself!”


I like being mommy’s special helper.

“Here ya go mommy. Take good care of Pillow Pet cousin.”


— Then I stayed in the car and tweeted with some more with my friends while mommy went into the Post Office to secure a safe departure for our new Pillow Pet cousin.

Besides the post office being a dangerous place for Stuffies, you’re not allowed to take pictures in the Post Office. That’s no fun!

Now we wait…. Wait for Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy to get safely to his new family in Canada!

Click on the picture to read the whole twitter conversation!

Click on this picture to see the whole twitter conversation!



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A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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