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Father’s Day Celebration

Today is a Father’s Day Celebration!

Duffy is enjoying an ice cream sundae

I don’t live with my father, Mickey Mouse, anymore, …..but I do live with my Grandfather. I call my grandfather, granddaddy.

….Why do I call him granddaddy? I don’t know why I call him granddaddy, I guess, it’s just because I do. But even though I call him granddaddy - he's still a 'father' and so we can still have our Father's Day Celebration.

Human’s do life right! They just know how to celebrate. Celebrate equals food, and I LOVE FOOD!

Human’s make special food or eat out when they have celebrations.

That’s what’s makes all this adoption into a human family thing so super spectacular!


Ok, I’m obsessed with food, but I just can’t help it. Food is Fun!

Actually,…. correct that….


I went with my mommy & the rest of my human family to Grills Seafood, Deck & Tiki Bar in Melbourne, Florida to celebrate Father’s Day. ‘Grills’, as the locals call it, is on the Indian River and has a great view of the water. I wanna get a boat and dock up to Grills after sailing around on the river. I kinda miss sailing around with my dad, Mickey Mouse, and would like to get back on the water someday.

But for now…….. I’m clicking up my heels in celebration of Father’s Day with my human family!

Humans seem to have these habits – like……..

You gotta eat certain foods at certain times and you gotta eat certain foods before you eat other foods……

Duffy the Disney Bear reads the father's day menu
I’m gonna start with Dessert!

When I saw the menu, I decided that it would be great to start my meal with dessert.

It didn’t quite work out that way….. I didn’t get dessert first. But I almost fell off my special booster chair when I saw this……!

Duffy is wondering why he only has a little packet of honey in front of him
Sure I like honey, but is this all I’m getting to eat today?

Hey! I know I’m a bear, & bears eat honey, but I want some ice cream please.

I started getting the cold sweats!

I was thinking, “Hey, these restaurant helpers gave me a ‘set-up’, you know some human eating food sticks….. like a fork & a knife. If they wanted me to eat honey for the father’s day celebration, they wouldn’t have given me these eating sticks.

……I only need my paws to eat honey & one of those wipey things to wash up afterwards.”

My stuffed head was frantically spinning!

“This just can’t be right!

Besides, we came out to celebrate Father’s Day … We always get special scrumptious human food to make a party.”

Ho hum….. I figured, ‘If this is all I’m getting today, I better just eat it so I don’t pass out and fall off my booster chair.”

But not too long after I finished eating my honey, I realized that it was only served to me as an appetizer! Those silly humans!

Duffy is drooling over a large bacon, Swiss cheese burger with a pickle and chips
My favorite! A Super Large, bacon, Swiss Cheese burger with a pickle and potato chips!

Ok, if humans insist on doing things their way, I guess I’ll just have to go along with it.

It’s really not so bad…. silly, but not so bad.

Yahoooooo! He just got his very own big ice cream sundae!
Yahoooooo! I finally got my dessert!

Burp! ….Oh, excuse me. 🙂

What a GREAT Father’s Day! ….. When’s the next celebration please!

Hugs! Duffy Bear

Duffy head salutation

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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