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Land of the FREE!

Duffy the Disney Bear arrives at Panera Bread and snaps a selfie

I’m here! (Gotta stop and take my selfie…..)


Happy Independence Day!

…..and like our great Star Spangled Banner says….

…this really is the “Land of the FREE” !

Yep, today I’m headed to Panera Bread to pick up my free sweet treat!

Well,….. it was really mommy’s free birthday sweet treat from Paneras. But it’s been more than a whole month past her birthday… like any good Duffy the Disney Bear….. I am honoring my bear friends all over the twitterverse and seizing the opportunity for free sweets!

Here I am Panera!

Duffy the Disney Bear delights in the sweets at Panera Bread

Wow!!! Seriously!!! I can pick anyone I want??? Are you sure???


I was a bit disappointed when mommy said my treat was ‘to go’….

I like chilling at Panera’s… checking my email…. catching up on my Facebook page & tweeting with all my twitter friends….

Besides waiting to eat isn’t something that I do very beary well….. especially when it comes to sweet treats!


It’s okie dokie, I’ll just dig in when I get into the car… the car is gonna go… isn’t it???

Duffy the Disney Bear sticks his snout into the Panera Bread bag to get out his sweet treat

Come to Duffy my little free sweetie treatie!



Mommy had other plans! She folded up the bag and buckled me into my seat!

I started to panic!…..

……….My tummy was rumbling!

…………….I might starve before we get home!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets buckled up in his seat belt with his Panera sweet treat still uneaten

Do yous guys got a ‘no eating in the car rule too!’ – #BearAbuse


But then…

Mommy showed me a coupon for a free smoothie!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets handed a coupon for a free smoothie at the new WaWa

Oh goodie! I love surprises! Especially free food surprises!


Yeppers Peppers!!! A free smoothie at the new WaWa!

Did I say this is the Land of the Free?

This is the Land of the Duffer-Double-Dipper FREE!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear stops in front of WaWa for his selfie

Hehehehe… it’s free sweets and selfie day…!


Helloooooo WaWa!

WaWa had this new cool way to order.

Duffy the Disney Bear orders his smoothie from a computer touch screen

Awesome Pawesome! A touch screen ordering system! … Oh, drat! I don’t have my stylus pen with me… computer screens don’t respond very beary well to soft furry paws…. just sayin’……


Touch screen computer ordering systems are seriously cool.

I like these touch screen computer ordering systems because I can get some pretty strange reactions from humans sometimes when I order my food.

I’ve never had any of them faint, but I ALWAYS have to place my order at least twice.

If only had my computer stylus pen with me and mommy would stop the helicopter mommy thing, I could have probably gotten a few more treats for all yous guys too!

Geezers……. This WaWa is really fancy. It’s duffernuthin’ like any other gas station store I’ve gone into before.

Duffy the Disney Bear waits for his smoothie to be made

OMB! They have a special smoothie only making spot!


Yes Sir!

I got coupon!

Duffy the Disney Bear hands his free smoothie coupon to the manager at the register

Thank you!


Now with both paws full…..

……..I was anxious to get home because, I was ready for action!

…………….Some seriously bear-a-rific eating action!

Duffy the Disney Bear holds his Panera sweet treat & WaWa smoothie as they drive home



Ahhhh… finally!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear finally gets to eat his free WaWa smoothie and Panera sweet treat

Did you ever see anything so beautiful!


Then just when I thought “How does it get any better than this?”

The phone rang….

It was Miss Dominque from around the corner inviting us to a hot dog barbecue tonight!

Did someone just say FREE HOT DOGS!

Yes! Yes! They did!


Happy Independence Day to Everyone!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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