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Get Better Fast!

Duffy is reading blog posts on his ipad
Duffy told me that he and his owner read my blog everyday!

Oh No!…..

My friend Duffy’s owner is sick! and I hope he will get better fast!

Duffy is one of my blog readers.

It’s fun to meet all yous guys!

…..Only it isn’t very bear fun to hear when one of my friends is sad.

My friend Duffy is very beary sad today because his owner is sick. She caught something called strep throat.

Duffy is face down on his purple and white polka-dot comforter crying
Duffy is super duffer-E-duper sad!

I asked my mommy what a strep throat meant and why she would catch something that would make her sick.

Mommy said that “It means Duffy’s owner has an infection in her throat. Her throat probably feels very rough and scratchy and that it may hurt quite a bit to swallow.”

Oh! Ouches! ……..

………She’s got a hurt throat!!!

So I figured that Duffy’s owner can’t talk to him when her throat is all hurting her and that’s why he is so sad…….. And if she can’t swallow, it wouldn’t be as funnerduffers to eat his big donut without her!

Duffy is munching on a super huge chocolate sprinkle donut that's even bigger than he is!
Mmmmmmm...... Donuts!!!

Mommy also told me that a strep throat can be very contagious. Contagious means other humans friends can catch it too! Humans shouldn’t throw their infections around for other people to catch.

It doesn’t sound very nice!

…..And I can’t figure out why humans would catch something that would make them sick instead of ducking when it was thrown at them!

So not only my friend Duffy’s owner can’t talk to him, she probably can’t go to school and play with her friends. Humans need to play with their friends sometimes to keep them happy.

At least she loves him super lots and lots not to toss her strep throat at him so he doesn’t catch it too!

I just can’t figure out how a human can hurt their throat in the first place!…. And then toss it along to their other human friends for them to catch it too! …… It’s not very beary nice!


I told my friend Duffy that his mommy wasn’t mad at him. Her throat just hurt her too much to talk.

I also told him not cuddling or playing catch with him probably meant that she loves him very much because if she cuddled or played catch he might get sick with a strep throat too!

Duffy said he’s doing his bearestest not to be sad and that he is doing his dufferbestest job to make his mommy happy.

So my friend Duffy tried lots of things to make his mommy smile.

That’s just what us teddy bears gotsa do sometimes!

So first Duffy read his new book, ‘Just a Snowy Day’, to his owner to cheer her up.

Duffy is showing us the cover of his book  'Just a Snowy Day'
“Look out the window. It’s snowing again. Tomorrow I will make a snowman.”

Duffy put on his Owner's red Santa Slippers with white fur trim!


My Friend Duffy put on his owner’s red Santa slippers – but it only cheered up his owner a little bit.

….. And then…..

Duffy tries to ride a brown cow like a horse

Hehehehe! My friend Duffy did the silliest thing ever to cheer up his owner – he tried to ride a cow!

So I just wanna send my friend Duffy’s owner my very beary bestest wishes to make her happy and well again soon!

Super Big HUGGIES to my friend Duffy and his owner!

Huggies to ALL!

Duffy head salution

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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