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Happy Birthday Uncle Ken!

I missed Uncle Ken’s Happy Birthday! That made today a super bummer!

Mommy was suppose to take me & ShellieMay to EPCOT to meet up with my Uncle Ken, Uncle Brad & Uncle Gustavo at Via Napoli to celebrate my Uncle Ken’s Happy Birthday.

I got really sad when mommy told me she hurt her foot and we couldn’t go. But then my Grandmommy fell and any wishes of my mommy’s foot getting better fast and her changing her mind to take me to Disney weren’t going to come true. They are both going to be just fine soon and I had to find another way to keep my promise to Uncle Ken to celebrate his birthday.

Me and ShellieMay still wanted to wish Uncle Ken a very beary super Happy Birthday, so we made a video for him.

I couldn’t believe how bad ShellieMay messed it up!!!

She doesn’t know how the real Happy Birthday song is suppose to be sung! So I had to teach her….

Now all yous guys can sing this birthday song to all of your friends too!

Happy Bearthday Huggies,

Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


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