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Happy Birthday to you Duffy!

This Happy Birthday goes out to our special friend…. DUFFY!

What do you mean which Duffy? Well… a very special Duffy the Disney Bear that was adopted on October 23rd!

Little Joe & I had a super fun time making the video.

Little Joe and I got our parts in the video right the first time! …..But it took like 10,000 takes because we need a new camera operator! Well… I guess I’m exaggerating… It was only like 9000 takes....

Happy Birthday to you Duffy!

Little Joe got so tired making retakes that he forgot to fix his Happy Birthday hat!

Oh, if you’re wondering why the Happy Birthday song is a little bit different……. I bet you remember the ‘little disagreement’ I had with ShellieMay about the birthday song. Well… if you don't check this out…….. >click here<—

Little Joe and I just wanted to have fun and not have to revisit the little conversation with ShellieMay over the correct version of the Happy Birthday song, so we made up a different birthday song!

Little Joe decided he would pose for the ‘featured image’ on the front page of the blog. I had to help him fix the Happy Birthday Hat.

Duffy Bear fixes Little Joe's Birthday Hat so it's straight on his head instead of falling forward into his eyes
Ya looks silly like that Little Joe!

Ok, Ok, I know I’ve got socks on with my sandals like the itialians used to wear. I was …. lazy……… two kinds of lazy…. First, I didn’t wanna take my socks off because I was … just lazy… and Second, … I would have to put them into the laundry… and when my laundry basket gets full… I got to do laundry….lazy again! (I don’t like chores!)

….. But this post isn’t about my European flair or Italian heritage… 😉

Back to Little Joe!

Little Joes holds up a hand written sign that says "Happy Birthday Duffy" with smilie stickers

Thanks for having a birthday Duffy! Little Joe & I always enjoy having a reason to celebrate! ….. and EAT CAKE!

Where’s the picture of the cake you ask? We kinda messed up there….. sorry…

But… HEY! I think that means we’ll need to do this again real soon so we can get that part right!!!

Once again…


Huggies to EveryBear!

Duffy head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


The Tee Shirt … and That’s How Duffy Does It or Tried To Do It….

Snooze Button Princess & Olympic Gold Medal Champion!

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