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Happy Independence Day!

Hello Furiends!

Happy 4th of July to ev’bearyone!

Duffy the Disney Bear Celebrates Independence Day, 4th of July at Magic Kingdom
I think the Fourth of July is one of my very beary mostest fabearloso-ist Holidays! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Even though my ethic background is Italweeian,……….

I’m super proud to be an Americanized Duffy the Disney Bear!

My family taught me that although celebearating a Happy Independence Day with parades & fireworks,……..

………and one more happy holiday to give me an excuse to much and crunch and eat all day!……. <— sorries…. I can never help thinking about my tummy…..

……..We are celebrating the independence and freedoms that are very beary unique and special as American citizens.

My mommy knows that as a six year old, I can gets really bored learning about history and stuff unless we play games and have fun too!

I learned a super lots from The American Adventure show at the American Pavilion in EPCOT and at the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom. The show at the Magic Kingdom is called ‘A Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders’. (I know they spell celebration wrong! It’s suppose to be cele-bear-ation!)


Since I super likes movies a lots, just like my mommy, she got me interested in how our happy independence day all got started with a movie called 1776.

It’s really fun to watch our country’s forefathers dance around and sing all about making the Declaration of Independence!

I told mommy after watching the movie, that I kinda thinks that if the Congress we have now sang and danced when they did stuff, they probably would be happier and get along better!

……Mommy just smiled…….?

Hehehehe… Here’s a good trick I learned….

Ask an American if they have a Fourth of July in some other country….

They’ll probably say ‘NO’……… – then you gots ’em!

Sure there’s a 4th of July in that other country!!!…..

…..The 4th of July is on every calendar in every country!!! – They just don’t celebrate it as their Happy Independence Day! Duh!

Happy Independence Day!!!,

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


It’s a Gelatoni Badge from Tokyo Disney Sea!

Our Favorite Healthy Treat!

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