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Celebrating a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day in EPCOT Park!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day EveryBear! 🍀

The Lucky Leprechaun – (that’s me!⇩) ..... Just scored a Cronut!

I’m in EPCOT park today celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day!

Duffy the Disney Bear at EPCOT eating a Cronut

This yummy, sugary Cronut should fill my hungry little leprechaun tummy!


I was too excited this morning and forgot to eat breakfast before we left the house.

…… well maybe I didn’t really forget to eat breakfast….. we don’t have Cronuts at home and it’s been a super long time since I got a Cronut… Oh wait….

You might be wondering “What’s a Cronut?”

A Cronut is a Croissant Doughnut tossed in Cinnamon Sugar! Yummers!

I gotta taste it to make sure it’s not poisoned before I share it with ShellieChristine. 😬

Duffy the Disney Bear, dressed up for Saint Patrick's, eats a Cronut

I love my sister, ShellieChristine, too much to let her get sick, so I always sacrifice and take the first bite… and sometimes a second or third bite too! (You know, just to be on the safe side.)


I love my sister too much to let her get sick.

Oh – No! No, No and NO!

I won’t get sick if there’s any poison because I’m a Lucky Leprechaun!

I even passed a long my luck to….

Joy and Sadness…

Duffy the Disney Bear at Joy and Sadness, InSide Out meet and greet Walt Disney World

I think I saw Sadness smile when I gave her a Lucky Leprechaun Kiss!

Mickey Mouse!

Duffy the Disney Bear meets and Greet with Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was ready to follow us over the rainbow to me wee little Pot ‘o Gold!


Duffy the Disney Bear with Goofy at EPCOT Character Spot

Hehehe! Goofy knelt down to take pictures with us like he does with all the little kids. He never did that before with me. It was so cool!

And Minnie Mouse too!

Duffy the Disney Bear at the Character Spot in EPCOT with Minnie Mouse

Aweeeee… Minnie Mouse just has so much love in her heart. I can always feel it in her hugs. I think that’s why I’m the Bear of Happiness and Luck!

Now….. I’m heading to where I stashed my Pot of Gold!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Duffy Bear head salutation St. Patricks

Duffy O’Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


Little Joe Made Pepperoni Bread!

Moana! BluRay, DVD & Digital DVD!

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