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I ‘Brave-ly’ Took my Bath Before Going to Disney!

I know being Brave will have it’s rewards!

You see, tonight I didn’t hide under the bed, in the drawers, or …. well, I better not tell all my hiding places…  I actually wanted to be ‘brave‘ and take my bath.

We are going to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow especially to meet Princess Merida. She is going to teach me how to shoot a bow and arrow!

I wanted to show Princess Merida that I’m not a big chicken & that I’m actually really brave and daring just like she is – so I got all the bath stuff out all by myself.

Now when I lift my arms to shoot that arrow – well…….. you know……

Duffy Braves Bath Time!

I smell great!

I think it’s really super nice of Princess Merida to meet with us. After all, she’s a big movie star.

Do you plan on taking a bath before you go to see Princess Merida? I don’t think I’ll have to take a bath before I go to see her in the movie theater….  or what do you think?


Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear


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