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I Got a PostCard from Ohio!

This is so cool!

……I got my very beary first postcard today!

I Got a PostCard from Ohio!

It was sent by my twitter friend @KerDunkedunk. He said he lives in O-hi-EYO! That’s not in Florida. So it’s really duffernutter crazy cool to get my postcard.

Duffy the Disney Bear gets his first postcard!
This is my firstest postcard ever!

I think my postcard is like a greeting card only flat. Its seems like that because my postcard isn’t like all the other cards I’ve gotten from my Auntie Sandra in Tenny. You don’t gets to open it up, so there’s no music or nothing inside because there isn’t any inside in a postcard.

There’s a picture on the front that looks like a real picture! You know – a real picture that was taken with a camera type of picture. Not a drawing like on most open up cards.

There’s plenty of room to write a message on the back of the postcard.

….And look… see…

Duffy the Disney Bears shows how Kerdunkerdunk wrote lots on my postcard.
Kerdunkerdunk wrote a special message on the back of the picture.

KerDunkedunk wrote plenty!

KerDunkedunk is 2 years old. He said that he writes phonetically. I think that means you write like you tawlk on the phone.

KerDunkedunk wrote that he was just dropping into say hello. I think he wrote that because he’s from O-hi-EYO. ‘Hi’ is another way to say ‘Hello’, and I guess when you’re from O-hi-EYO, you are always saying hello!

KerDunkedunk’s post card taught me that there’s more than one way to drop into say hello. He really didn’t drop into our house himself – just his postcard dropped into our house. But he can drop into our house anytime if he wants to come and play.

He even asked lots of questions about what I like and stuff I do in his post card message.

Kerdunkerdunk shared that he’s never been to Disney. That made me feel kinda sad. I all hope that one day he’ll be able to join us when we visit Walt Disney World.

Kerdunkerdunk asked about my favorite ride in Disney.

…..That’s really easy!….

…My favorite ride is the one I’m riding…

….when I’m riding it!…

I’m kind of a ‘bear here now’ type of bear. — I’m happy right where I be —> when I be there…. —> doing just what I’m doing —> when I’m doing it!

He wrote that he doesn’t like roller coasters. But that’s ok. He can wait with ShellieMay & mommy when Little Joe and I go on Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Expedition Everest, or the Tower of Terror! They can all walk through the lines with me and Little Joe if they want, ‘cause there’s a chicken door.

ShellieMay gets mad when I tell her she can go out the chicken door. I tell her that I want her to see the cool stuff in the que with me and Little Joe. ….But what’s really more fun is seeing her get mad. I think ShellieMay is really cute when she’s mad,….. so I like getting her mad. 

I think Kerdunkerdunk would like to meet Big Duffy the Disney Bear in EPCOT too! KerDunkedunk is a very beary little bear. So Big Duffy the Disney Bear better be very beary careful not to step on my friend KerDunkedunk!

Kerdunkerdunk wrote that the picture on the front of my postcard is Downtown Cleveland. The words on the front say that it’s ‘Cleveland Flats District’. I guess if they have a flats district, then they must have some bumpy districts in Downtown Cleveland too.

Kerdunkerdunk wishes he could go to the beach to look at the ocean’s waves. I would like to take him to the beach with me on my scooter that my friend TourGuideTed got for me. We live kinda close to the beach so I should have enough battery power in my scooter to get there and back ok.

It would be fun to show him the waves that the ocean makes. I’m duffernutter certain that Kerdunkerdunk will really like the sounds that the waves make too. They kinda say – “Ka’Shoooooooooooooo” when they crash and run up onto the shore. Then they whisper “sha’wooooooooooo” as they swirl back out into the ocean.

Yes, Kerdunkerdunk!!! The ocean has a nice smell. I like it. I guess that’s because I’ve always lived near the ocean. It smells kinda salty and fresh. I think it smells even better when you scrunch’emm’mumph your footie paws in the sand while you listen to the waves sing their song.

Hummmm…. Seaweeds? I haven’t felt any seaweeds – so me and Kerdunkerdunk can find out what they feel like together!

I can even teach Kerdunkerdunk to make sandcastles and search for the seashells that swam here from Japan!

Maybe me and Kerdunkerdunk can take pictures of the ocean waves to make our own picture postcards. It’ll be fun to send them to all our friends and tell them about our beach adventure.

I showed ShellieMay, Springtime May, Pumpkin Pie, Uncle Sammy, and Stuart my postcard.

Duffy the Disney Bear reads his postcard out loud to everyone.
Everyone was excited to hear what Kerdunkerdunk wrote on the postcard.

ShellieMay asked me to read it out loud to them –

Then I shared my postcard with Little Joe.

Duffy the Disney Bear showed Little Joe the postcard next.
Little Joe really like the sparkling lights in the picture.

He looked… and looked…. and looked….. and looked…… at the picture.

—Little Joe didn’t want me to turn over the postcard because he liked the way the magical sparkling bridge lights turned the water the pretty colors. He told me he thought that maybe if he looked at the picture long enough he would be able to jump into it and visit the Cleveland Flats District. He said that the place in the picture looked like a nice place to take Springtime May on an outing one day.

Charlie ran into see what the postcard was all about too!

Charlie was anxious for me to read the postcard again. He sorta heard a little bit of it when I read it out loud the first time and could hardly wait to hear the rest of it.

Duffy the Disney Bear's brother Charlie looks at post card too
Charlie was very beary curious about the postcard too.

Little Joe still didn’t want to turn the postcard over. But then when I told Little Joe that Kerdunkerdunk wrote stuff on the back he flipped it over super fast. ……Only, it wasn’t because he was interested in what Kerdunkerdunk wrote really quite just yet. He thought that maybe there was a clue on the other side of the post card that would help him jump into it.

Duffy the Disney Bear read the post card to Little Joe & Charlie too.
We finally got Little Joe to turn the postcard over.

But as soon as Little Joe flipped over the postcard, Charlie noticed that Kerdunkerdunk had his very beary own postage stamp!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows close up of Kerdunerdunk's Postage Stamp
This is my famous friend Kerdunkerdunk’s postage stamp!

Kerdunkerdunk must be super famous! I don’t think you can get a postage stamp with your own picture unless you are super famous!

Little Joe forgot all about jumping into the postcard for the moment. He was very beary curious about how the words Kerdunkerdunk wrote would sound and encouraged me to hurry up and read it out loud to them.

Kerdunkerdunk is super lots of fun. He likes to play with all of us on twitter.

Here’s the whole picture of the front of the postcard.

Cleveland Flats District, Cleveland Ohio front of postcard
Little Joe really likes the way the lights dance on the water.

Here’s the whole back of the postcard. You can see how Kerdunkerdunk must sound like when he talks because of his phonetic writing.

Kerdunkerdunk's Post Card Message

You can read Kerdunkerdunk’s postcard too!

I hope Kerdunkerdunk can come and play with us in Florida one day very beary soon!

Hugs! Huggies,

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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