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I met Ariel Under the Sea!

I went to visit Princess Ariel at her special Under the Sea Grotto Meet and Greet at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingom

… and silly me!!!… I got stitch lipped tongue-tied….!!!

That doesn’t happen very often.

Duffy meets Princess Ariel in her Magical Grotto in Disney's Magic Kingdom

*”Ahhhhh…..” Panic Attack!!!… the words are in my head, but they won’t come out!*


I had all this cool stuff planned to say to Princess Ariel, but as soon as Ariel started checking out my awesomeness… hehehehe….

I got really shy.

Then when Princess Ariel said that she didn’t do any Disney pin trading ……well… my cranial stuffing just couldn’t think of anything to chat about anymore.

Mommy noticed that I was just weirding out and took over chatting with Princess Ariel so I didn’t look all dumb and stuff in front of a beautiful princess. (ShellieMay would probably never stop teasing me about it! Now, when ShellieMay watches the video, I can tell her that I didn’t want to interrupt mommy! ShellieMay is all about manners! #CleverBear)

Oh! and I don’t know how they do all the spectacular magic at Disney,…..

but when you go to meet Ariel,……

all of a sudden you’re Under the Sea swimming in her cave!…

even though you still feel like your still walking on land…???

It’s extra double duffer weird because you don’t get wet and you don’t even have to hold your breath!

Ugh! Princess Ariel said she thought I looked like a squid!

What’s a squid?

I thought I was looking super ‘Joe College Cool’ in my Mike Wazowski Mickey Ears Hat and Monster’s University Tee Shirt!

You know,…. some how I thought Princess Ariel would be more little-er…

Well… they do call her The Little Mermaid…!!!

Duffy is Posing with Princess Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Opppsssss…. I started jumping out of Ariel’s arms too soon… Dufferdrats! Hmmmm…. or maybe I new I better get out of there fast before the Under the Sea Magic for Humans wore off?


So I don’t get it…… But it really doesn’t matter, because meeting Princess Ariel was still super fun.


Huggies! Duffy the Disney Bear - Duffy salutation with Duffy in his Monster's Inc Outfit

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Lazy Sunday!

Land of the FREE!

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