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Disney Park Blog Inside Out Movie and Meet and Greet with Joy and Sadness

Joy is affectionately holding Duffy and Sadness stands nearby, looking very sad

I met Joy and Sadness at a super special exclusive Meet and Greet Disney Parks Blog set up after our early sneak peak showing of Disney/Pixar’s new movie Inside Out !

You totally gotta see this movie if you ever want to figure out what’s going on in your human’s head!

.... yet even then, you still might be confused! Humans just aren't very easy creatures to figure out!

We went to Disney Springs AMC Movie Theater for the special Inside Out Preview.

Even though we got there pretty early, there was already a super long line!

Duffy looks at the long line ahead to get into the movie preview
Wowzers! The line is all ready around the bend and down the lane!

Whew! We made it! I ran to the big display for a photo op!

Duffy poses with the characters from the movie in the large cardboard display
I'm inside a human's brain with Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust!!!

Yup! Popcorn and Coke ICEE!!! and it's FREE!!!

They even gave me a special Inside Out button to wear in celebration of the movie premier!

Duffy poses in front of Disgut's photo with his popcorn and coke icee
I love being Disney Blog's special guest. They always give me popcorn and drink of my choice!

It wasn't until we go into the theater, that they told us about the special surprise meet and greet with Joy and Sadness.

Duffy hold up his Meet & Greet return time card.
They gave us special return time cards.

Close up of the return time pass to see Joy and Sadness after the Disney Blog Inside Out movie

We got out of the movie around noon. So we had lots of time before my special time with the movie stars!

So..... we while we moseyed around Disney Springs, I did a few other meet and greets!

The special Stuffie Meet and Greets I love to seek out around the parks are also plentiful in Disney Springs.

Duffy poses with Anger
Anger was holding his #StuffieMeetAndGreet at the Super Hero Headquarters

I got lucky and mommy adopted Anger to come home with us!

OMB! I was so excited!!!!

Bing Bong is also holding special #StuffieMeetandGreets !!!!!

Duffy poses with Bing Bong at the special Stuffie Meet and Greet


It was time to go over to the Cirque de Soleil building. Joy and Sadness had a special place just for them on the second floor. It was like a 'Super Secret, No One Just Roaming around Disney Springs can Find unless they have a Special Invitation' place.

Duffy the Disney Bear meets Joy and Sadness from Disney Pixar InSide Out
Joys gave me a special tummy pat and a kiss, but I still couldn't make Sadness smile.

Thank you Disney Parks Blog for my special movie preview event day of Inside Out!!!!

Huggies to ALL!

Duffy Bear head salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


Who’s Got A Super Dad?!!!

Happy Memorial Day!

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