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Let’s Rock the Dots with Minnie Mouse on National Polka Dot Day!

Today is a very beary special day!

…….on National Polka Dot Day!!!

ShellieChristine got all dressed up in her very beary bestest Minnie Mouse pink polka-dot style all ready to go to Disney Springs to celebrate National Polka Dot Day and #RocktheDots with Minnie Mouse.

I read the Disney Parks Blog every day. That’s where I learned about the special #RocktheDots day at Disney Springs!

ShellieChristine the Disney Bear is dressed in pink polkadots to greet Minnie Mouse

No one could be more excited to #RocktheDots with Minnie Mouse than ShellieChristine!


Going to Disney events is always super fun. We headed out to Disney Springs to join all the other Minnie Mouse Super Fans to #RocktheDots. ShellieChristine and I were crazy excited to see Minnie. Yet, I was a little frustrated because Minnie wasn't staying very still for pictures!

Actually, she wasn’t holding any special meet & greet. Minnie was just mingling around and showing off all her new mousetastick super polka dot fashions!

I snapped a pic of her in this pretty yellow polka-dot dress!

Minnie Mouse in new yellow polkadot dress designed by Olympia Le-Tan

Miss Minnie is parading down the red carpet in her new yellow polka-dot dress designed by Olympia Le-Tan. No one #RocktheDots better than Miss Minnie!


ShellieChristine did her very beary bearestest to get Miss Minnie’s attention. She jumped up and down and down and up! She even shouted! But Minnie was only stopping if you could catch her for a selfie.

I don’t know much about fashion,…. ummmmm… well… nothing really….

Yet chit chatting about fashion and clothes seems to be all my sister’s do and they just haven’t stopped chatting about this fashion designer named Olympics Le-Tan who designed a whole bunch of new dresses for Minnie Mouse. Miss Minnie is showed off all of her new dress designs at Disney Springs #RocktheDots celebration.

I just wanted some ice cream….

…….with polka-dot sprinkles today in honor of Minnie Mouse of course!!!

DufferWhaterly just happened???!!!

Oh – no…..

Here I was all excited about sharing my #RocktheDots day at Disney Springs and I hear ShellieMay say…..

“Wake up Duffy!”

Duffy the Disney Bear fell asleep on his laptop

"Wake up Duffy!"


I’m was like…. “Huh???”

…….then I said, “Don’t bug me now ShellieMay, I’m at Disney Springs blogging about #RocktheDots.”

ShellieMay came back and said, “You may be blogging, but you’re blogging in your sleep!”

Still three quarters and one eight asleep I said to myself, at least I thought I only said it to myself,………..

NO WAY! I can’t be that talented…”  ….hehehe….

I opened my eyes and……

ShellieMay said, “I wouldn’t think you were that talented either, but you are not at Disney Springs, and you’re drooling on your laptop mumbling about polka-dot ice cream!”

Duffy the Disney Bear fell asleep at his laptop while blogging about #RocktheDots

Wake up Duffy you’re drooling on your laptop!


Then I asked ShellieMay, “Well… if I didn’t go to Disney Springs, why is ShellieChristine all dressed up in pink polka-dots to meet Minnie Mouse?”

Duffy and ShellieMay are looking at Duffy's laptop and arguing about whether Duffy really went to #RocktheDots for real or not

ShellieMay explained that I didn’t dream about ShellieChristine being dressed up her pink polka-dot out fit. ShellieChristine really did get ready to go to #RocktheDots. I was relieved that I’m not totally crazy!


I scratched my head because mommy said fur certain yesterday that we were going to Disney Springs today for #RocktheDots???

So I asked ShellieMay what happened.

ShellieMay showed me a text alert that came in on my iPhone…….

Duffy the Disney Bear receives an alert on his iPhone about a tornado warning



Oh..Well… I guess a tornado warning was a good excuse for mommy not driving to Disney Springs and maybe getting us into a scary situation on the highways.

*Gasp!* The tornado is heading right towards Disney!

*Gasp!* The tornado is heading right towards Disney!


Mommy always checks the weather before we go to Disney… just in case of stuff like … bad weather. I never want to believe her, especially when I get up and the sun is shining all day!

Why are mommy’s always right? ugh……

But then….I was getting confused…..

So I asked Shelliemay, “But wait a minute ShellieMay… If I didn’t go to Disney Springs for #RocktheDots how did I snap this picture of Minnie Mouse in her yellow polka dot dress? I must have been there today!”

Duffy the Disney Bear points to the computer screen

Seeeee…..!!! Look ShellieMay! I snapped a picture of Miss Minnie in her yellow polka-dot dress today!


ShellieMay rolled her pretty blue eyes, “UGH! Duffy! You got some text messages from Auntie Melissa. She took the picture of Minnie Mouse in her yellow polka-dot dress, not you.

Oh Dufferdrats!

I super wanted to see Minnie Mouse today and get my special #RocktheDots Button!

Paws Crossed Auntie Melissa picked up an extra #RocktheDots button fur me!

National Polka Dot Day #RocktheDots Button from Disney Springs

Auntie Melissa’s #RocktheDots Button


Huggies to EveryBear!

and don’t forget to #RocktheDots!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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